Vincent Zhao is the God of War in upcoming period action film

Vincent Zhao (Heroes Don’t Cry) plays Ming Dynasty general Qi Jiguang, who is best known for leading a successful defense against the pirates. Costars include Wan Qian (The Glory of Tang Dynasty) as his wife and a skilled fighter in her own right, and Sammo Hong (My Beloved Bodyguard) as General Yu Dayou. The first teaser can be found here.

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Character stills from White Haired Witch (of Lunar Kingdom)

Fan Bingbing is every bit the vengeful betrayed lover here.

For those of you who were dying to see Fan Bingbing with white hair…you could have looked at her old stills form Double Exposure. But besides the cover photo, there’s another still of her in the actual movie, with white hair, at the very end of this post. For now, you can enjoy a post filled with character posters that have a hand-painted look: Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing, Wang Xuebing, Kevin Yan (Kuan), Vincent Zhao, Tong Yao, and Shera Li all make an appearance in costume. (Thank you, I love it when movies write the English name of the actor/ess for me, so I don’t have to wonder whether they have one~) You could read the synopsis of the novel by Liang Yusheng that the movie is supposed to be based off of here. and if you wanted to see who each actor is playing, you could look here. The movie will be released on August 1, so if you’re in China around that time, maybe you’ll see it in theaters!  Continue reading