Over 40 celebs join in Vogue Film photoshoot


Three generations of Chinese actresses.

It’s rare to get this many stars to do anything together, not to mention a photoshoot where everyone’s agent is probably fighting for a better spot, but Vogue Film has done it in conjunction with its gala this year. The photoshoots includes  some of the biggest actors, including Li Bingbing, Yang Mi, Angelababy, Liu Shishi, Tong Liya, Xin Zhilei, Tan Zhuo, Huang Xuan, Ethan Ruan, Zhou Yiwei, Zhai Tianlin, Han Dongjun, Xu Weizhou, Peng Yuchang, Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, William Chan, Ma Sichun, Janine Chang, Sun Yi, Li Meng, Qi Xi, Lan Yingying, Chen Ran, Victoria Song, Ouyang Nana, Wu Lei, Chen Feiyu, Song Zuer, Yang Le, Geng Le, Li Chun, Zhang Xueying, Zhang Zifeng, and Chen Wenqi. Musicians Zhang Bichen, Li Yundi, Zhou Bichang and models Ju Xiaowen, Xi Mengyao, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying (Bad Genius is amazing and I highly recommend it) , and Karlie Kloss also joined in the fun.

I was able to recognized 34 of the 42 without looking at the list of names, how many can you identify?


Ice Fantasy wishes you a Happy Halloween

Ice Fantasy, aka the prettiest LOTR cosplayers ever.

As your resident everything-from-Guo-Jingming-is-so-pretty  parrot, I must say  the costumes for both Ice Fantasy and L.O.R.D.  disappointed me.   Ice Fantasy is completely white washed and has no trace of the Chinese mythology components left, but at least its not plain fugly like that of the more traditionally Western fantasy L.O.R.D.

Nevertheless, at least the cast of Ice fantasy, consisting of Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu (who play brothers of many lifetimes), Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, and Wang Duo look pretty.  I just hope  they don’t try too hard to erase the fact that this was written as a bromance novel (cough, Nirvana in Fire). Also,  I understand the white hair is a major symbol in the story, but I really don’t understand why the two leads need to be blue-eyed. I’m judging Feng Shaofeng so hard right now for agreeing to do this. He should be a better actor than one who acts with colored contacts.

White, braided wig, blue eyes. a crown with a giant plastic snowflake, a scepter with skulls, Feng Shaofeng doesn’t need a costume for Halloween anymore.


Photoshoot Friday: Let’s catch some waves

What’s the best thing about having a belated Photoshoto Friday? It’s a pleasant surprise! (You know…like…it’s unexpected…) And, there’s the potential of having two in one week, if you count Sunday as part of the next week.

This week’s round up features Zhou Jun for Marie Claire, while Chen Hao shows that she’s a lady of the piano. Victoria Song pops against her backgrounds with gorgeous contrast, while Fan Bingbing is a glittering diva. Meanwhile, Wu Modi doesn’t go easy on the colors, and Gao Yuanyuan is in the midst of a colorful autumn (or winter?) in her shoot for L’Officiel.

Oh yeah, and you can catch some waves on all of their hair. Look below the cut for more pictures! (more…)

Victoria Song, Jiang Jinfu caught in silk in “Small Town Adventures”

Song Qian awkwardly smiling because … just look at Jiang Jinfu’s snapshot in the trailer.

When Du Chunxiao (Song Qian) signed on as a tutor for the Huang family, she didn’t expect being asked to get engaged with their first son (Yang Yang), or fall in love with the second son (Jiang Jinfu), and she certainly did not expect a series of deaths and disappearances of maids, doctors, and relatives of the Huang family.  Will she find the connection amongst the paths? Or are the cocoons in this silk family  weaving a trap for her?

Mystery series Small Town Adventures 茧镇奇缘 released its first for-audience trailer today.  Watch it below.

Rotunda and SM collaborate

“It’s okay if we’re not the leads, we have better photos than everyone who is.”

After the previously scheduled Chinese Paladin 5 flopped, Jiang Jinfu and Victoria Song quickly shifted to Legend of Cocoon Town, a Rotunda series co-starring only the cutest Yang Yang.   The series is directed by Li Shaohong (Dream of the Red Chambers, Da Ming Palace).

Other than Victoria Song, fellow SM’er Choi Siwon is also collaborating with Rotunda in another series, The Millionaire Heirs with Kan Qingzi and Yu Xiaotong . Yep, after years of playing the pouty second female lead to Li Qin and Li Sheng,  Kan Qingzi is finally get her first major lead! Meanwhile, poor Yang Yang is probably still stuck with the second lead. A few more stills below the cut, although they’re generally not very good.