Liu Yanwei Joins Qiao Zhenyu on the Set of “Chinese-Style Dating”


Someone asked me what happened to Vicky Liu Yanwei, whom I posted about when she debuted as a singer under Chengtian ent. Well after finishing album promotions she is apparently joining the production of Chinese-Style Dating, a series that I had already been paying attention to because of the lead Qiao Zhenyu. Qiao Zhenyu is one of those really really¬† good-looking, charismatic actors in China that falls into the same category that Yan Kuan does: could be doing worse but also could be doing a lot better for the combination of looks+talent he’s got. He’s received leading roles, but nothing that makes him truly famous. So I was happily surprised to see Liu Yanwei join him in this comedy about finding love in modern China, set around the beautiful beaches of Sanya.

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Chengtian and Hua Yi Begin Looking for Younger Talent

Two of China’s biggest entertainment companies are expanding and actively looking to train new talent.

Hua Yi, only five years ago a small company in China, has had a phenomenal year, with the economic situation not hurting them at all. In fact they have essentially said that they have simply too many productions going on.

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Vicky Liu Yanwei’s Second MV: Mao Xian (Risk)

I was extremely surprised she got a second MV, and that’s obvious, because if I had expected it I definitely would have just waited for the MV and grouped it with my first post on her. As it is, I’m making a new post because I really liked this song much better than her first song, even though it is also in a way generic cpop, but in a pleasant way.

Also, since I am making another post on her, here are some pictures of her from a photoshoot that’s supposed to be showing two sides of her. Which two sides I’m not quite sure. The article that accompanied the pictures said it was supposed to be naivete and sexy appeal. Right…

Click the pictures to see up close all the facets of Ms. Liu. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her if Chengtian Entertainment has their say, and I need to stop being so surprised when Chinese entertainment companies actually spend on their artists and just be grateful.

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Chengtian Entertainment debuts singer Vicky Liu Yanwei


Singers come and go in the Chinese entertainment world, but not that many who are with Chengtian (Orange Sky) Entertainment, the Chinese third of the Asian triumvirate composed of Korea’s SM, and Japan’s Avex. So far they have a few measly singers, Kimi Qiao Renliang, and Zha Xi Dun Zhu, and none of them really do the kind of music SM or Avex is known for, and since it’s really rare for any Chinese entertainment company to train a singer from the ground up without them having gotten fame I took notice here to see if Chinese companies were turning a new leaf about that.

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