Posters of Zhao Liying and Kimi Qiao Renliang released for Our Ten Years

Remember this photoshoot, where Zhao Liying sported the short bob and Kimi Qiao taunted Chen Xiao? The two will be starring in the upcoming movie Days of Our Own 我们的十年. The movie is supposed to tell of the best ten years of a person’s life – you have the “poser” played by Zhao Liying and the “engineer boy” (or rather, STEM major) played by Kimi Qiao Renliang, together with the “piano goddess” (Wu Yingjie) and a “career man” (Van Fan). A toast to another youth story!

The film will be released on September 2. A short trailer, and more stills underneath the cut.
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Lin Peng is a break-up artist in fiction…and real life?

“Guaranteed to prevent make-ups for ten years!”

It’s not enough to have a “Break-up guru?” We don’t know about box office figures yet, but upcoming movie The Break-up Artist 分手达人 will at least beat Yang Mi and Deng Chao’s movie to the screens, with a release date on June 6th. The movie uses “break-up” as its tagline, with a professional break-up artist who advertises “painless, ten-year guaranteed breakups” and reels in customers with her motto “Love, (then you’re) not fussy; No love, then break up!” Starring Fan Youchen (Van Fan) as the leading male, alongside Lin Peng as the female lead. The movie is produced by Jackie Chan.

Lin Peng’s character is the head of a break-up corporation in the film. She has also, in real life, started a sort of break-up corporation. She noted that “My company’s main enterprise is to safe-keep lovers’ mementos, and and also some of those unforgettable love stories. (1)” (Unsure how close her real company is to her fictional company, but you can still find a few more stills below the cut).  Continue reading

23 Taiwanese Stars Invited to Participate in Short Film for Golden Horse


Effeminate Bryant Chang and Macho Ariel Gonna Show the Movie World They Can't Be Typecast

Twenty-three of the hottest and more importantly, most talented Taiwanese stars have gathered for a comedic short film that will be broadcasted during the 45th Golden Horse Awards on December 6th. Its name is aptly “Movie Dreams of the Taiwanese”. Included in this roster of actors besides the pictured Bryant Chang and Ariel Lin, are Chang Chen, Chen Bo Lin, Eddie Peng, Van Fan, Barbie Hsu, Wang Leehom and the Zhang Junning that I don’t usually gush over on this site, the female one, Janine Zhang Junnng.

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