Round-Up 2: Songs for the fight against COVID-19

The first round-up of songs, made when it was called coronavirus, here.
Please stay safe wherever you are! Remember to wash your hands and don’t use them to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

I Know 我知道 – Andy Lau
These heartfelt lyrics by Andy Lau are inspired by that of “For whom“, a song about efforts to contain the 1998 Wuhan floods –
“I don’t know who you are, but I know for whom you fight for.”

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Vae, Huang Ling, Hu Xia sing in watercolor

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.04.13 PM

Huang Ling’s seductive voice joins Vae as a fox spirit for his latest ZhongGuoFeng  MV from his new album, Why not just drink tea 不如吃茶吧.  Huang Ling’s voice is always beautiful, and Vae’s production qualities has definitely increased tenfolds since joining OceanDisk, but just as impressive is the gorgeous watercolor MV’s from Vae’s entire album. Directed by JP Huang, the MV’s use a watercolor palette combined with lots of nature scenery and visual techniques to match Vae’s music style.

Huang Ling ft Vae in 惊鸿一面. The MV is probably my least favorite of the three, but it has my favorite song:

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Vae goes crazy in Poil de Carotte MV JUNE 24, 2012

Vae goes crazy in Poil de carotte MV


Based on the French novel Poil de carotte, singer Vae‘s new song of the same name 胡萝卜须 takes a surreal and grim look on life.  I’m rather in love with both the fantastical MV and the song itself.  I think Vae is both the mole and Poil de carotte himself in the MV, but I can’t be sure. English translation of lyrics below the cut.

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Zhong Guo Feng Singer-Songwriters Vae and Hou Xian Releasing Albums Soon

That’s right! Two more singers are joining the December release bandwagon,  and this time they’re of the zgf singer-songwriter variety,   Hou Xian and Vae, probably China’s most popular. Vae, is a doctor-songwriter who had written and digitally released over 100 songs, and had gained a hardcore fanbase online  before finally deciding to release an album last year.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember Vae from when I first posted on him, you can check out this song from his first album:

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Vae Finally Releases His 1st Album, “Personalize”


Vae is someone whose pictures I had seen before I heard his voice, but apparently he was more than just a amateur net idol. He’s a polymath, someone who excels at many things. He was one of the top ten students in Anhui province, and graduated from Anhui Medical School. He also dabbled in writing and web graphics, publishing more than 20 articles in periodicals and winning an award for the later in Anhui. On top of all that, he’s somehow been a prolific songwriter as well, who does all the composing, lyrics, arranging, recording, mixing, etc for his songs.

On January 10th his first real “debut” album is supposed to be released (it’s been leaked though). The presale order for this reached 10,000 through orders on his website.

Vae – You He Bu Ke

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