Unparalleled Happiness releases trailer

Unlike modern staring contests, people antiquity did avoidance contests.

Unparalleled Happiness 欢乐无双 has released a trailer.  People looking forward to Jiang Kaitong, Wei Qianxiang, Xiong Naijin, and Zhai Tianlin can get a better look at the drama in action.

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Unparalleled Happiness releases stills

Though the costumes don’t look too crazy, it’s got to be hard to walk without having those ornamental tassels  hit your face (center left).

Following in the recent trend of vintage-style stills, Unparalleled Happiness 欢乐无双 has decided to release their own.  This drama stars Jiang Kaitong, Wei Qianxiang, Xiong Naijin, and Zhai Tianlin.   Unparalleled Happiness sells itself as a comedic take on the mystery genre set in the Ming dynasty. It’ll be the second ancient series for the director the Prince of Lanling (Feng Shaofeng version), which explains the two male leads.

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