Ugly times three? and other remakes

ugly wudi
Ugly Wudi also dances and sings?

What happens when the American Ugly Betty, the Mexican La Fea Mas Bella, and the Chinese Ugly Wudi meets? The audience may just find out soon. According to sohu and other major websites, there are plans for a movie version of Ugly Betty that will bring the three different “Betty’s” together in Hawaii.

While we wait for that, cfensi and I are both hyped about Ugly Wudi 3 the musical that’s airing after Meteor Shower. It’s a beautiful example of Hunan TV’s creativity and willingness to move beyond the norm.

New Yorkers agree that Ugly Wudi is adorable

Lin Xinru adorable both before and after Ugly Wudi

Good Morning America, along with the random New Yorkers that it surveyed, agrees with Cfensi that Ugly Wudi is not that ugly. Click here to watch the report. Of the various news sources that have picked this story up, this I feel is the only one that shows justice to the story. Every other story makes it seem as if the Chinese hate it, when in fact Ugly Wudi was one of the most popular shows last year. Its product placement ads reached the level of Super Girl ads, and that’s beyond impressive. The third season is currently under production. (more…)