Ni Ni channels Frida in new cropped hair photoshoot

How cool is Ni Ni that the one time she cut her hair in almost ten years, she did a photoshoot in the process?

Reminiscent of Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair, every strand of hair strewed across the floor is defiant of what other people thinks she should look like. Famous for her outer appearance and feminine sensuality, Ni Ni hasn’t been allowed by her team to cut her hair since forever. Here, she dons on male suits and wields her own sissors to show that you don’t have to just “love her for her hair”.” Like Frida, she’s documenting her process of creating art. In her case, it’s cutting off her long locks for her upcoming film 1921.

The execution by Ni Ni and Trunk Xu is both visually and conceptually perfect, and this photoshoot is now my favorite Ni Ni photoshoot of the year over the blood rose one by Guo Puyuan.

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