Translation: Vine by Beijing artists

Please sprout at the speed of light,
it’ll be a while before you can cover the sky
Please grow with all your might,
your story is only beginning

A beautiful song by composer Xiaoke and featuring a number of top Beijing-based artists headed by Wang Feng, Vine 藤 ‘s lyrics remind us to remember our dreams and reach for the sky at any age. The song is the theme for documentary Beijing Memories, and may one of my favorite cities grow and sprout while never forgetting its roots. Translated below the cut.

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Tiny Times releases MV by Yu Kewei

Picture 5

“Time boils everything into rainwater, soaking them, covering the brilliance of the past.” – Time Boiled Rain by Luoluo

The wind blows the rain into blossoms,
time can no longer catch the fairytales of youth
Those dreams in the palms of your youth,
are you still holding them tight?

Guo Jingming-directed film Tiny Times, based on the novel of the same name by Guo Jingming, released its theme song and MV today. The song is sung by singer Yu Kewei and penned by Guo Jingming and Luoluo, another writer under Guo Jingming’s publication company. The movie stars Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Li Xuedong, Guo Biting, Jiang Chao, etc. Translations of the lyrics below the cut.

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