Celebrity scandal debate drama Top season 2 comes out today

With one case per episode, Top is one of the shortest and most fast-paced cdramas around.

If you like celebrity gossip, you should watch Top (there’s one episode that’s literally Guo Jingming v Han Han ) ! If you like strong female leads with no romantic or family plotlines, this might be your only bet within like a ten-year-span. The Zhang Yamei-headed celebrity gossip debate series Top is one of the easiest watches of the year with only 24 episodes with about one case per episode. I’m on episode 8  of season 1 and every episode has been pretty fun. Here’s some more stills from the drama.

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Fast-paced series Top dramatizes all the biggest celebrity scandals

The female lead has no main romantic plot and follows an arrogant, flawed, but lovable genius archetype that’s often reserved for men.

From popular idols accused of hitting a stalker fan to celebrity couples maintaining a marriage for the publicity, episodic internet debate drama Top 人间规则 dramatizes one celebrity scandals after another in the same addictiveness as the scandals themselves.  Zhang Yamei (If Paris Downcast) headlines as an arrogant but brilliant debater in this fast-paced show.  Each episode is a new case as she represents a new client on a televised court of public opinion and presents arguments and evidence for their case. Chen Ziyou and Sun Zhenglin play her opponent debaters.

The 12-episode (!) series streams two new episodes on iQiyi beginning October 10 here.  It wasn’t region blocked when I watched it.

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Air date update, October 2018

*Hunan TV has been showing The Years You Were Late in its prime time evening slot since Sept 28. All Out of Love is now airing at 10pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Battle Through the Heavens has been moved to Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The Legend of Jasmine 苏茉儿 – Oct 1
Featuring: Du Ruoxi, Yan Yikuan, Fu Dalong
Details: 40 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Tells of the romance between Dorgon and Xiaozhuang’s maid Su Mo’er.

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