Monster Hunt 2 releases first trailer

In my honest opinion, the new trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to Monster Hunt looks like an underwhelming mess, though I do hope I can eat my words when it premieres on February 16th.

Tony Leung plays an unlucky gambler who travels the realms with Benben, and the two find a new companion in Huba, who had left the demon world to look for its parents Jing Boran and Bai Baihe.


Who’s the fairest of them all?

Huang Xiaoming’s triad boss in the Shanghai Bund is so handsome, he can’t resist trying to hit on himself. Too bad the triad boss looks so murderous.

With the recent drama Prince of Orchid Hills/Lanling Wang coming to an end, most viewers have already reconciled themselves with Feng Shaofeng’s pretty-boy general. But on that note, which other actors might have made a convincing case for feminine beauty? (Sorry, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. I can’t look at your female forms without wanting to laugh). Take a look below to see a selection cross-dressing men in Chinese entertainment. Wallace Huo dresses up as a Victorian lady (and puckers up for a kiss as his wuxia counterpart stares in disbelief). Nicolas Tse sports two braids and what looks like a schoolgirl outfit.  Throw in Tony Leung, Du Haitao, Sammul Chan, Li Yugang, and Eason Chan, and it’s a field day – you’ll find a list of contenders to be the fairest of them all.  

Although, if you’ll remember this music video  (where Ma Tianyu, after being ditched by Deng Sha for her best friend on their wedding day, dresses up as a woman to seduce the said girlfriend, in the end winning back his own fiance/girlfriend…) you’ll know who the winner is before we even begin.  Update: Chen Xiao (giving Ma Tianyu a run for his money), Kimi Qiao Renliang, and Jimmy Lin have joined our list of crossdressers. Du Haitao has a real schoolgirl costume, replete with little flowers in his hair… (more…)

Photoshoot Friday: June 5, 2013 (belated)

 photo 704_1013009_333999_zpse5b148dd.jpg

Wallace Huo doesn’t do much  more than shave in this recent photo shoot of his, but you won’t hear me complaining. (Except that they should have taken more pictures).And as if he wasn’t enough testosterone, Tong Leung and Huang Xiaoming make an appearance too (although not together). Ni Ni reminds us again of her Flowers of War character with her crimped hair, and fellow Mou girl Zhang Ziyi shows off how elegant and poised she is. Meanwhile, Yang Mi is enjoying her summer and Zhang Xinyi shows us that she is just as fashionable before and after her marriage, and Pan Chen wins (hands down) as the most adorable child in this round up as she eats waffles. More beow the cut! (more…)