Zhou Dongyu and Lin Gengxin begin filming for “My Ol’ Classmate”

Just knowing that it's Lin Gengxin carrying Dongyu on his back.... love the mood that this theatrical poster gives

It’s Lin Gengxin carries Dongyu one-handed over his back – gives you the warm fuzzies

Zhou Dongyu and Lin Gengxin are collaborating for the first time, starring in a teen romance movie. The film “My Ol’ Classmate/同桌的你” is produced by Du Yang. The filming is taking place in Beijing, Xiamen, and the United States.

In the summer of 1993, quiet and delicate, glasses-wearing transfer student Zhou XiaoZhi (portrayed by Zhou Dongyu) meets her table partner. Sitting in the classroom’s infamous back row is troublemaker Lin Yi (portrayed by Lin Gengxin). They go through junior high, high school, and college years together. Lin Yi said to Zhou Xiaozhi: “One day, I’ll take you to a place that only belongs to us.” Fast forward ten years…
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