Weibo Wednesday: July 3, 2013

冯绍峰: 狼爸不是白当的,有massage服务 还是狼族泰式的massage!

Who’s the guy getting cozy with the adorable wolf? Why, none other than Feng Shaofeng, who is currently filming in Inner Mongolia for the French-Chinese co-produced film Wolf Totem (狼图腾). Kudos to you if you could recognize him from the back of his head (and without looking at the watermark, hehe).

I haven’t been a wolf dad in vain, there is a massage service. And it’s a wolf-clan Thai-style massage!

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Weibo Wednesday: June 19, 2013

陈学冬cheney: 拍完小时代我们都吃胖了。。。

You may have thought that the Tiny Times (小时代) movie cast was filled with ridiculously good-looking people, but it turns out they were actually all sumo wrestlers in disguise… Just kidding! This is just Chen Xuedong, Kai Ko, Rhydian Vaughan, and Xie Yilin putting in an appearance on Happy Camp. What shenanigans are they up to this time? Check out the episode when it airs on June 22nd.

After filming Tiny Times, we all became fat from eating…

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Guo Jingming’s new book too much like Devil Wears Prada?

Guo Jingming, who was China’s best selling author last year according to the New York Times very popular with young readers, founder of Ke Ai which produces of literary magazines and also one of the most hated male celebs in China, is being accused of plagiarism over his new book, Tiny Times 1.0, about a worker and her demanding boss. Guo Jingming was born in 1983 and last year became the youngest member to join the Chinese Writer’s Association. The article didn’t say more, but it seems unlikely that anything will come out of this since it doesn’t seem to be any suing or legal action occuring, just talk.