Spirited Away posters from Zhou Dongyu, Jing Boran, Peng Yuchang

“Life is a train that goes in one direction.”

The voices of the Chinese dub of Spirited Away –  Zhou Dongyu, Jing Boran, Peng Yuchang, Wang Lin, and Tian Zhuangzhuang – posed for a set of posters inspired by their animated counterparts. The film will receive a belated wide release in theaters in China on the June 21st. FYI, it was previously available online/via DVD, not banned as some headlines seem to imply.

Artistic posters for the Chinese release of Spirited Away by Zao Dao and Huang Hai.

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“The Warrior and the Wolf” Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival


Jô Odagiri and Maggie Q in "The Warrior and the Wolf"

This was another film that I wanted to see. Not for it’s premise, but because the director is Tian Zhuangzhuang, one of the famous so  “5th generation” directors of China, who first brought Chinese cinema international acclaim, and includes Zhang Yimou and  Chen Kaige. I’ve seen many of those latter two’s films, but not a single one from Tian Zhuangzhuang which is a shame. It’s fascinating how the 5th (and 6th) generation directors of China have made this transition from the old days of Chinese cinema, to the well-funded blockbusters films of today and I wish I had gotten to follow TZZ’s adaptation to this change. His last film was 2006 biopic The Go Master. I missed seeing that one to my dismay, but I hope to see  both it and this film at some point. More pretty stills from the movie here. Maggie Q looks really beautiful in them, like Q’orianka Kilcher. 10 min Trailer below the cut.

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Tsui Hark and Zhang Yuqi attend Joe Cheng’s Play


I apologize up front for calling Design for Living Joe Cheng’s play, but he is probably the draw for a lot of people, and probably the person most people know, at least for those who come to this site. For the famous people in attendance however, the big draw was mostly Sylvia Chang, a veteran director in Taiwan. The director and one of the lead actresses of “Not All Women are Bad” were spotted attending the play Design for Living in Beijing. Taiwanese music mogul Jonathan Lee (Fusion’s management), and Chinese sixth generation director Tian Zhuangzhuang were also in attendance.

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