“The Message” and “Body Guards and Assasins” Trailers released


Zhou Xun in "The Message"

Ok, so two trailers for two very anticipated and high budget movies came out. While Bodyguards and Assassins gives a frantic feel, the Message has an understated ambiance. Which are you going to watch?

The Message Trailer

Thanks to qiaozi426 @youtube.

Go below the cut forĀ  a behind the scenes look at The Message, and the Bodyguards and Assasins trailer.

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Hua Yi Spares No Expense for The Message


The Message (Feng Sheng) movie continues to get the special treatment from Hua Yi, at this point clearly the most powerful entertainment company in China. Earlier, I mentioned that in a strange and rare move, Hua Yi had casted all of its biggest stars for Sound of Wind…Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, and Zhang Hanyu, showing how important it was to them. Even Alec Su has been relegated to a supporting role. Now with pictures revealing the rich detail of the set, it’s shown that Hua Yi is sparing no expense for the production costs either, saying it was “without limits”. Zhou Xun marveled excitedly that it’s the most lavish set she’s ever been on, and both she and Li Bingbing says that this will be the new definitive work of their career.

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