Della Ding Sings for “Legend of Moon and Stars”

Liu Shishi in Legend of the Moon and Stars

Liu Shishi adamantly keeps quiet about the broadcast date for Legend of the Moon and Stars.

Legend of the Moon and Stars (星月传奇), which stars Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge, recently gave us its ending theme, titled “Ancient Poem of Old Age” (白头吟). The MV, which is embedded below, is not really anything special (and it looks like someone went crazy with the artistic filters in Photoshop in the beginning), but Della Ding is always worth listening to when it comes to drama soundtracks.

Legend, which is also known as The Song of Desert, is based off Tong Hua‘s book Desert Melody (大漠谣). The series finished filming in 2012, but its broadcast was delayed because of protests of its treatment of history. It’s been rumored that Dragon TV will begin airing Legend of the Moon and Stars in June or August, but so far, no official broadcast date has been announced.

The MV for “Ancient Poem of Old Age” below, as well as a handful of new stills behind the cut:

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“Desert Melody” finally gets approval to air, continues to lack HQ posters

Does better quality stills mean an impending release?

I am getting this through indirect sources since I can’t really read Chinese.  Therefore, I’m not 100% sure if this is true so don’t shoot the messenger but according to  UDN  , The Song of Desert or Desert Melody, starring Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge, may be airing first in Taiwan as opposed to the mainland due to delays and the way contracts ended up being signed.  According to the source, the show was approved for airing in mainland late last year and have since then been brought by Taiwan’s CTI (Don’t all jump at once).  Hunan’s local entertainment channel also reported an impending broadcasting date.

On the other hand, the internet community can probably start preparing and give a cry of joy (or start calling all channels involved to try to boycott it again).  Apparently, no news on a release date yet but hopefully this means we’ll be seeing something sooner?  More released posters whose quality may mirror the likelihood of the drama ever airing in our lifetime below the cut.

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