Princess of Orchid Hills trailer is as pretty as the stills

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Even if his prettiness isn’t enough to draw our attention away from the girls’ costumes, I figured Andy Chen deserves a chance at above the cut since he is the lead.

The gorgeously-costumed The Princess of Orchid Hills 兰陵皇妃 finally released a trailer. It’s obvious even from the trailer that Peng Guanying‘s acting pwns that of the other three leads –  Zhang Hanyun, Andy Chen Yi, and Theresa Fu – but I’ll be happy to just watch the series for how pretty everything (including the leads) looks. Also, you might want to turn off the sound because the narrator makes it sound like a horror film.

The Princess of Orchid Hills takes the challenge, ups the pretty

I pray… like I have never prayed before… for the release of this drama… or at least a trailer….

While we ooh and ah over the stills of other period dramas (and curse the lack of episodes), The Princess of Lanling 兰陵王妃 has been feeling largely left out on the attention.  Therefore, the show took it upon itself to release quality stills of their more exquisite costumes.  Starring Andy Chen Yi (whose drama Seven Friends just aired on CTV),  Zhang Hanyun, and Peng Guanying, the series hopes to prove that the Prince of Orchid Hills is not out of fashion and still something to moon over, lady-killing since last year.

More stills below the cut.