Music Monday: August 19, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

It’s been a while since the last Music Monday. But this week’s selection is decent enough to make up for it … I hope.

Well Li Wei‘s 李炜 motto Enjoy My Life or ELIFE – live an entertaining and easy with earnest and energy.
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“The Palace” stands out with antique painting posters

Who would win in a cutest babyface competition? Zhou Dongyu or Zhao Liying?

Fan Bingbing and Guo Jingming are not the only ones taking a stab at producing films this year. Joinng them for the Qixi holiday will be drama writer Yu Zheng’s first film, “The Palace.” Starring Zhou Dongyu, Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Zhu Zixiao, “The Palace” the film will will follow yet another young maiden as she enters the Forbidden Palace.

As the only major period film of the summer, The Palace lives up the name with a beautiful set of antique painting posters. Unfortunately, I still think everything else  about the film screams horror film, but this set of painting-themed posters are rather pretty, as is the cast.
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Movie “The Palace” Releases First Trailer


I love this contrast between the two characters

Anyone following Yu Zheng on weibo probably knows that he’s been wanting to make a movie for a while now. Yu Zheng has finally achieved that dream with The Palace, part of his popular time-travel intrigue franchise.

Chen Xiang (Zhou Dongyu) enters the palace and befriend the ambitious Liu Li (Zhao Liying). While Liu Li attempts to set up “accidental” meeting for herself with the princes, Chen Xiang has a chance encounter with the 13th Prince (Chen Xiao). However, Liu Li betrays and frame Chen Xiang to become the wife of the 13th Prince. Are Chen Xiang and 13th Prince destined to be or will she fall into the arms 9th Prince (Zhu Zixiao)?

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