New Year marks Chinese cinema’s biggest box office day

Which film will y

Cute kids vs. awesome monkey, who would you watch?

The year of the horse begun auspiciously for Chinese cinema as two new films helped it make the biggest box office day in Chinese history with 220 million RMB.

Where are we going? Dad  hit 92 million RMB, breaking the  record for highest box office day for a domestic 2D film made by Personal Tailor 私人订制 in no earlier than last month with 80 million, while The Monkey King broke the record for highest box office day for a domestic 3D film with 100 million RMB. Dad also had the most single day audience, and that’s considering kids under 1.2 m watch for free.  It also broke Tiny Times (also an eeMedia – Enlight film)’ record for most preordered web ticketsContinue reading

The Monkey King in 3D releases trailer, character posters

Making exciting-looking posters has become stuffing as many copies of the Monkey King as we can on it while also preferably using a battle scene as a background.

Much delayed and highly anticipated film The Monkey King in 3D starring Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-fat, Aaron Kwok, Joe Chen, Peter Ho, Zhang Zilin, among others has released production goodies, hopefully signifying that this newest release date will actually be the real one.  The Monkey King is yet another spinoff of Journey to the West without the actual journey, this time focusing on the Monkey King wrecking havoc in the heavens.

Trailer below, second trailer here, behind-the-scenes here, and character posters below the cut.

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