Promos Round-Up: Tomb Raider: Explore With the Note

  This will be the second-to-last Tomb Raider series from Tencent as their filming rights to the series ran out earlier this week.

Explore the Note 怒海潜沙 & 秦岭神树, the latest in the Tomb Raider installment, comes out today. Two episodes come out every Thursday-Saturday on Tencent here.  This will be the second-to-last Tomb Raider series from Tencent as their filming rights to the series ran out earlier this week. The last one recently began filming and stars Hou Minghao’s ex-teammate Zeng Shunxi.

The series stars Hou Minghao,  Chen Yi,  Li Man, Zhang Boyu, Yao Yichen, Liu Xueyi, and Yao Lu round up the cast.

Teaser; Ending Theme ;  Opening theme:

We’re on a boat!

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Air date update, June 2019

[Updated: June 3rd]

Young Blood 大宋少年志 ~ Jun 3

Featuring: Zhang Xincheng, Zhou Yutong, Zheng Wei
Details: 36 episodes, 2 eps every Mon-Wed on Hunan TV
In the Northern Song Dynasty, six youths are trained as spies and help defend the capital from power-hungry military governors.

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Latest The Lost Tomb series goes under the sea in new teaser

From Li Yifeng, Lu Han, Qin Hao,  Zhu Yilong, to  Hou Minghao, portrayals of Wu Xie has always been good-looking, but  will this be the one where he’s actually  interesting?

The latest TV series based on The Lost Tomb book series,  Explore with the Note : Rage of the Sea 盗墓笔记之怒海潜沙 goes under the sea as the crew explores the fallen ship of a Ming dynasty fengshui master.  The new teaser is the first looks at a two-part series starring Hou Minghao as protagonist Wu Xie and  Chen Yi as his otp Zhang Qiling.

The series is produced by Tencent,  directed by Li Ang (no credits), Zhou Yuyi (Hide and Seek ) , and Liu Guohui (Li Yifeng’s Tomb Raider) , and scripted by Li Ang  and Bai Yicong (Li Yifeng’s Tomb Raider). Li Man, Zhang Boyu, Yao Yichen, Liu Xueyi, and Yao Lu round up the cast.

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Jing Boran, Luhan co-star in “The Lost Tomb”


Jing Boran and Luhan versus Li Yifeng and Yang Yang, how can I ever pick between them!

Soon-to-be costars Jing Boran, Luhan pose for the cover of GQ. The two will star in The film version of The Lost Tomb, with Jing Boran playing Li Yifeng’s role in the net series and Luhan Yang Yang’s role. So far all the films and dramas in the two major tomb-raiding series have flopped, but this cast is so pretty I can’t help but still look forward to it.

Photo cr: fashionmodels@Weibo


Going to the bathroom together is the first step of being bff’s.

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Music Monday: Theme Songs

This week not only is Zhang Jie back with another pretty theme song, but there are also themes for a string of current/upcoming dramas, including by Momo Wu Mochou, M.I.C., Zhang Bichen, and Tan Weiwei.

Last Week’s winner, Zhang Jie’s Sahā World for Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

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Tang Yan, Ying’er join the tomb-raiding party

How does this compare to her cosplaying a Tomb Raider back in 2011?

Somebody’s been watching too much  X-Agents.

The second set of the tomb-raiding series The Lost Tomb released its stills with female additions Tang Yan, Ying’er, Sun Yaoqi, etc. They’ll be joining a growing group of actors playing tomb-raiders. This will be Tang Yan’s second drama with Li Yifeng since upcoming series The Legend of Fragrance.

In addition, news just came out that another team featuring Huang Ming and Su Qing  are simultaneously filming the story of the tomb set in the Warring States (?)  era.

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The Lost Tomb releases stills


Don’t worry, I’m military-trained in the skills of dandelion dances.

Internet series The Lost Tomb, based on the popular books of the same name, released its first set of stills featuring the tomb-raiding crew of  Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, Ken Chang, Liu Tianzuo, and Wei Wei.

Tang Yan has also joined the crew last month as the female “lead” Ah-Ning. This is her second collaboration with Li Yifeng following The Legend of Fragrance.

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The Lost Tomb releases character posters


Our darling  Yang Yang is finally going to make it and look at how hot he is!

After months of speculations,  Tomb-robbing series The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记 finally revealed its cast. The H&R Century internet series, based on the second of the book series, follows the gorgeous cast of Li Yifeng, Yang YangKen Chang, Wei Wei (the snake-dragon from Ancient Sword),  and Liu Tianzuo as they explore the world of lost tombs across China.

Along with the film series of the same name, The Lost Tomb series is planned to be an eight-year endeavor, with one season released per year beginning next year. The project is co-produced by author Xu Lei (南派三叔).

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