0kuo0 in 2015: The Verdict

I know this comes a bit late but I wanted to at least finish or try to finish some stuff before I give suggestions.  I have avoided doing this in the past since I don’t really like ranking dramas.  I find that my opinion of them changes depending on what I am feeling like but I also realize that people try to read these posts as reference for what to watch.  Therefore, these are relatively “ranked” by my personal level of enjoyment… which may be inaccurate sometimes since I do click through dramas if I get impatient and may miss something good or critical…

Murder Mystery/Of Monks and Masters (侠僧探案传奇)

The top three would have to be one of the three major successes of the year for me.

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The Legend of Zu prepares for release

With the number of explosions in the trailer, you would think this is directed by Michael Bay…

The Legend of Zu, starring Nicky WuWilliam Chan, and Zhao Liying, is preparing for its September 22nd release.  Here’s another for the Chinese fantasy genre… and hopefully more to my liking…

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The Legend of Zu releases a trailer

Why hello… errr…. costar/boss-producer/individual-I-have-an-unhealthy-grudge-with…

The Legend of Zu, produced and starring Nicky Wu, has released a trailer.  Starring William Chan and Zhao Liyin in her second yet-to-be-released melodrama (certifiable simply by watching the trailer)… with her playing an immortal in an un-health relationship.  We can probably just conclude by saying things are complicated.

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Zhao Liying, William Chan starry in The Legend of Zu


I know your character description says lonely star, but you really didn’t need all the glitter to make that point.


Zhao Liying and William Chan make a surprising pair in William Chan’s first major lead role since his meteoric rise thanks to Ancient Sword. The Legend of Zu 蜀山战记之剑侠传奇  is produced and co-stars Nicky Wu, who had previously starred in Hark Tsui’s film adaptation of the same book. I can’t handle the photoshopped in lights, but at least both leads are pretty.
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