Fantasty cartoons set in Ancient China: coming to theaters, possibly an ocean away from you

I feel a little hungry after looking at all the cute potato and pork bun shaped people.

Do you like Disney movies? China’s new animated film “The Magic Brush” is combining two things form your childhood – Disney technology, and the traditional Chinese story about a boy whose magic brush allows the things he paints to come to life. (Granted, the Disney part of this is from the China special division). In this story, Ma Liang is given the magic brush, and must use it to save his village. (Trailer below the cut, how cute!) This will be released on July 25th. There’s also the Qin’s Moon movie, made by China’s own animation studios in Hangzhou. The film is finally coming to theaters on August 8, two years behind schedule. In my honest opinion, the posters for this one are hideous…but they are below the cut anyways. They seem to have diverged in animation for the series and the movie (or so I hope); their new mini-series/season 5 preview series, which is supposed to release its third and final episode on July 8, sports gorgeous animation that looks less like it was pulled from a generic RPG game. Below the cut: the cute, the pretty, and the…other.

Not sure how many polygons this was made with, but it’s the next stage in the progression mentioned in this post.

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Qin’s Moon showcases China’s rapidly advancing animation, will be made into a live-action drama

In season 1 (original animation), this character was made with 5000 polygons. In season 4, he was made with 50,000. It shows.

China is known for gorgeous period pieces (think Legend of Zhen Huan), for not so gorgeous period pieces (uh), for the cutest kids (Dad?), for blockbuster movies like Tiny Times. She is not known for her animation, unless you’re thinking about sheep.

But if you’re not into animated features, the progress that this one animation has made should be a source of pride. Qin’s Moon is China’s first 3D, CG animated wuxia drama, produced by StarQ, a company centered in Hangzhou’s “Animation City”. The first season was released in 2007, with ten episodes of around twenty minutes each. Since then the franchise has expanded to include a web game, and has produced a movie (the first in a purported trilogy, according to a recent interview) that will be released sometime after Chinese New Year’s. Massive improvements in animation have been made since the release of Season 1 in 2007, and the release of season 4 (at 37/38 episodes) in 2012. Meanwhile, season 5 will be released sometime this year. Synopsis and more stills below the cut.

SARFT also passed their proposal for a live-action drama at the end of 2013. This thirty-episode series is to be produced by Tangren.The cast has not been announced yet, but Zhang Jizhong is supposed to direct it.
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