0kuo0 in 2015: The Verdict

I know this comes a bit late but I wanted to at least finish or try to finish some stuff before I give suggestions.  I have avoided doing this in the past since I don’t really like ranking dramas.  I find that my opinion of them changes depending on what I am feeling like but I also realize that people try to read these posts as reference for what to watch.  Therefore, these are relatively “ranked” by my personal level of enjoyment… which may be inaccurate sometimes since I do click through dramas if I get impatient and may miss something good or critical…

Murder Mystery/Of Monks and Masters (侠僧探案传奇)

The top three would have to be one of the three major successes of the year for me.

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Weibo Wednesday: September 23, 2015

This is less of a Weibo Wednesday update and more of round-up of a bunch of celebrities who announced they were dating (or in one case, married) and whom we couldn’t bother devoting an entire post to. Let me know if there are any celebrities you’d like an update from, because the Weibosphere has been a little dry lately, tbh.

Chen Xiao dating Michelle Chen

陈晓: 总有一天,你会跟我姓 [鲜花][兔子][兔子][兔子]@陳妍希michelle

Michelle Chen dating Chen Xiao

陳妍希michelle: @陈晓 [心][心][心][兔子]

Whether you loved or hated The Romance of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣), you gotta admit that the way leads Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen went public with their real-life relationship is pretty cute.

Chen Xiao: There will be a day when you will share my surname.

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Weibo Wednesday: September 3, 2014

I hope none of you have been holding your breath for a Weibo Wednesday update, because that means you’ve been waiting for two. whole. months. Oops. Remember when we used to update this every week? Anyway, let’s go full speed ahead to this time’s round-up, which is on the shorter side, but hey, short and sweet, right?

Ni Ni cosplaying as Sailor Moon

倪妮V: 向头像致敬[haha]谢谢我"脑残"团队的礼物[泪]水手妮谢谢大家的生日祝福[哈哈]

Any Sailor Moon fans here? Ni Ni celebrated her 26th birthday on August 8 (yeah, last month) by cosplaying as Sailor Ni. She took several gorgeous shots, but of course I had to pick the classic “In the name of the moon, I will punish you” pose.

Pay respect to my portrait. Thank you to my “brain-dead” team for their present. Sailor Ni thanks everyone for their birthday blessings.

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“The Journey of Flower” releases trailer

I didn’t know J.J. Abrams was involved in this project…

Lesson of the day: everybody has a vendetta against Hua Qian’gu.  A trailer has been released for the drama starring Wallace Huo, Zhao Liying, Jiang Xin, Zhang Danfeng, Ma Ke, Li Chun, and Bao Tianqi.  From it, we can see the path of Hua Qian’gu (Zhao Liying) from the last God on earth to being the only apprentice under the Immortal Bai Zihua (Wallace Huo), her struggles to save her teacher, the factors leading to her eventual corruption to also become the Demon-god,  the build up to the War of the Worlds, her decision to force Bai Zihua to destroy himself, and their reuniting after reincarnation. Thehy They even provided a English-dubbed trailer here so you can appreciate the Chinese dubbing.