The House That Never Dies releases stills

Ruby has a nicer looking pom pom, but you shouldn’t get so depressed about it, at least you don’t have to hold yours???

Ruby Lin comes back for another horror film, this time The House That Never Dies. She’s reunited by one of her co-actresses from Bloodstained Shoes, Monica Mok; also joining the cast are Tony Yang (from the upcoming Lady and Liar) and Francis Ng,  In the early Republican era, Lu Dieyu (Ruby Lin) is a star courtesan, who falls in love with the third young master of the Huo family. She marries into the clan, but on the night of the wedding, the groom metamorphoses into the recently deceased second young master. Dieyu becomes with child soon afterwards, and with rumors of a ghost fetus spreading, the household becomes uneasy; before long, the family falls to ruin, leaving behind a shadowing mansion.

A hundred years passed and Xu Ruojing discovered the new avatar, the reincarnation of Dieyu, enters the old house. She begins to find the story of the past, and her presence awakens the resentment of formerly dormant ghosts…

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