Trailer and stills round-up: Upcoming 2022 iQiyi dramas

iQiyi recently released trailers and posters for a slew of upcoming shows that will either air exclusively on the site as web dramas and/or on television networks next year. Which shows are you looking forward to most?

Historical spy drama The Wind Blows From Longxi – Chen Kun, Bai Yu

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Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Xincheng to star in reincarnated math drama The Heart of Genius

If you could go back in time to fix your regrets, would you spend it relearning math?

The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 is the drama that every Asian parent stereotype wishes that their kids would watch. Lin Zhaoxi (Zhang Zifeng) is a college student who has always regretted not pursuing her mathematical dreams like her father always wanted. After writing down a physics equation, she finds herself in a parallel universe where she is her past self, but this time she’s an orphan. Using her years of experience in mathematical competitions, she again joins the math team with the help of her “father” who no longer knows her. She befriends her idol, the genius Pei Zhi, who pushes her to discover her own inner genius.

Directed by Shen Yan (My Best Friend’s Story) and based on the popular novel of the same name, the series just announced it will star Zhang Zifeng and Zhang Xincheng alongside Lei Jiayin.