Li Yuchun and Huang Xiaoming for The Guillotines

Li Yuchun, freshly “scarred” to match the bloodshed of The Guillotines. 

Given the title, it’s not surprising that upcoming movie The Guillotines contains some violence. Featuring Ethan Ruan, Huang Xiaoming, Shawn Yue, Li Yuchun, and Jing Boran, and directed by Andrew Lau, this movie takes its root from a legend of a bloody murder weapon, the decapitating “blood droplet(s).” (A sword, not a pouch of hemoglobin.) If you’re interested in watching two assassin groups bicker with each other over the legendary weapon, be sure to watch out for this film. In addition, Li Yuchun sang the theme song for this film (Cold Blade), the MV for which can be found below (you can check it out for scenes from the movie). Some of the half bald men should reveal that this will be set in the Qing dynasty. You can also look under the cut for stills from the movie.