Review: The Fox’s Summer

Clichéd and senseless but cute and watchable for the leads.

I’ve been looking forward to a Jiang Chao lead since 2013, and … The Fox’s Summer
狐狸的夏天 is kind of exactly what you would expect from him.  He’s hot, she’s cute, and they reenact every cliche idol drama device possible without too much attention to coherence.

I think the main plot of the story is about a fashion designer (Tan Yunsong) and her pursuit of her fashion  dreams. Or maybe her fight to win her mom and step-family’s love and respect?  Most of the time it’s about how she somehow ended up living with the President of her company while working for him as a maid, because even though she’s from a rich family,  has a good education,  is a famous designer, and becomes the chief creative director at one point, somehow she still can’t afford to pay rent?   Maybe it’s actually an ode to how expensive rent is in Shanghai.

The President (Jiang Chao) of this bra company, of course, is a 30-year-old  with OCD and is allergic to lies, so he decided that the best solution to get rid of his  opponent’s plagiarizing designer is to let her live with him?   In an attempt to keep his adopted brother interest in the company, Mr. President decides to hire his brother’s ex, our female lead.  Bringing back a woman who dumped your brother is exactly how to ensure his happiness.

There’s a couple of other angles in this love story, but you get the idea. It’s a co-habitation idol drama with lots of accidental sexual tensions and misunderstandings. Once you get past how annoying she is before they move in together, Tan Yunsong works her cuteness to her advantage. Jiang Chao’s good-looking enough for the role, and has just enough acting to make me not want a dubber, so the couple works.

Also, I really like some of her outfits. They made her look fashionable without being too over-the-top. Maybe it’s in contrast to how crazy some of the other women dress in the show.

The series is currently airing on Tencent, with the second season being released today.

Air date update, May 2017


The Air date update feature is back! Dates and details may be subject to change. I think it’s pretty obvious which drama I’ll be watching..

Double Sweet Wife 总裁误宠替身甜妻 – May  2
Featuring: He Minghan, Zhang Pengpeng
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