The Four releases modern and ancient trailers


That fan must be really heavy because it’s covered in stamps.


The Four, airing next week on the 16th, has been releasing a series of trailers ranging from modern(below) to ancient, from dramatic to rap  to Duang! versions. The series stars Zhang Han,Yang YangMao Zijun, William Chan, Zhang Junning, Jia Qing, Mickey He, and GuiGui.

The Four cast promotes with modern shoot


Are their outfits really yellow and white? Or is it blue and black?

Why don’t we have a major “historical” detective transplanted in modern China yet? Because they would look so good, as shown by them in this post-modern (judging by the holographic yellow tape at the crime scene) photoshoot of The Four leads Zhang Han, William Chan, Yang Yang, and Mao Zijun.  The series is set to air next month once RoCH is over.   Also, since Yang Yang is in here, can we make it a musical, too?

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The Four finally set to air

… and it’s about time!! >:(

Looks like things are starting to get released.  The Four, starring Zhang Han, William Chan, Yang Yang, Mao Zijun, Janine Chang, GuiGui,  Han Dong, Huang Ming,  Mickey He, and even a guest star from Zheng Shuang, has started releasing character teasers for the series set to air on  Hunan TV following RoCH 2015.  Therefore, I thought I would make a post.

More stills below the cut.

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The Four 3 releases trailer

LIu Yifei’s character is called Heartless, by the way. You can add this image to your collection of ironic pictures.

The Four 3, the final installment to the film series, has released a trailer as well as announced its release date on August 22.  Starring Deng Chao (Cold Blooded), Liu Yifei Heartless), Collin Chou (the hot-blooded “Iron Hand”), Ronald Cheng (whose role Life Snatcher was previously held by “hotties” like Wallace Chung and Peter Ho), Anthony Wong, Jiang Yiyan, Alec Su, Wu Yingjie and Bao Bei’er, this film picks up from the abrupt and tragic end of the previous.  Presumably, it will bring to a close all the untied ends from the last two films with flurry of CGI.

More stills below the cut and trailer here.

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Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang prettiness, among other eyecandy for new drama The Four

 photo 704_989018_270132_zps92948c48.jpg

Zheng Shuang is a guest star in this new drama.

Disclaimer: Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are not lovers this time; my shipping goggles just automatically pair them together. (What can you expect when Zhang Han says things like, “If Zheng Shuang ever needed plastic surgery, then there are no beautiful girls“?)

Featuring Zhang Han, Mickey He Chen Weiting, Mao Zijun, Li Qing, Gui Gui, and Zhang Meng, the drama recently wrapped up filming. Look below the cut for loads of stills (a few of them couple stills) and a brief on the Zhang Han-Zheng Shuang interaction (in the drama)

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“The Four” releases trailer


Not to be lonely in ancient times, Zhang Han starts a new “F4” in the Ming dynasty.

Touting to be one of the best produced ancient series of the year, detective/romance series The Four 少年四大名捕 released its first trailer today.    In addition to clips of the leads Zhang Han, Mao Zijun, William Chan, Yang Yang, Zhang Junning, Jia Qing, GuiGui, and Hao Zijia, there’s also intros of the antagonists and guest stars Han Dong, Heaven Eternal Earth Everlasting lead Huang Ming, and Mickey He, Butterfly Lovers antagonist Ma Wenlong, Bounty Hunter lead Qin Yongchen, and Zong Fengyan.

The Four releases photos of the women and villains


GuiGui looking pretty as opposed to cute for the first time.

Following the spectacular male leads,  photos of the females and the villains of New The Four were released, including Zhang Junning, Bai Bing, Guigui, Jia Qing, Hao Zejia as the female leads and Qian Yonchen, Ma Wenlong, Zhou Muyin and Chen Dacheng as the villains.

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New “The Four” begins filming, vying for best young cast ever


Can you match the backshots with The Four and the antagonist?

I think this might be my favorite cast of lead males ever for a mainland drama.

The Four are played by a string of rising male talents –  Zhang Han, Yang Yang(male) Mao Zijun and William Chan – while Yu Zheng  leads   Mickey He, Qian Yongchen, Ma Wenlong and Zhou Muyin play the antagonists. Given that at least four of those have succesfully been leads of their own, that’s pretty amazing.

The female leads are really varied as well, starring Zhang Junning (female),  GuiGui,  Jia Qing, Bai Bing.  I’ve always thought Jia Qing was the prettiest out of all the gorgeous girls in “Schemes of Beauties,” so I’m especially excited to see her again.

Guest appearances from Tong Liya, Zheng Shuang, Han Dong, Ye Xuan, Huang Haibing, etc. I wonder if Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han will have a scene together?


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Zombie invasions continue to China with The Four JUNE 26, 2012


Painted Skin’s director returns for another magical wuxia film with gloomy tones.

Painted Skin’s director returns for another magical wuxia film with gloomy tones.

Even if the CDC knows of no zombie viruses, zombies are everywhere in the news and media. Next month, they’re even making their appearance in ancient China in Gordon Chan’s The Four. Starring Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Colin Chou, Anthony Wong, Ronald Cheng and Jiang Yiyan, The Four is a detective-wuxia action flick loosely based on the book of the same name. The change of gender for Heartless may mean that bird girl Heartless ( Liu Yifei ) and wolf boy Cold Blood (Deng Chao) also have a romantic relationship somehow .

The sequel’s already been approved for filming.