Li Yuchun’s crazy awesome Cannes dress

Li Yuchun has always had unique looks at the Cannes Film Festival as a L’Oréal girl in the past few years, but this visual illusions Jean Paul Gaultier dress is the coolest yet.

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Fan Bingbing is a flower fairy at Cannes

Fan Bingbing looks like she walked out of a fairytale in this Machesa Spring 2015 dress with Chopard jewels for the Cannes Film Festival.  Every time you think she’s reached the peak of her gorgeousness, she ups it.
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Spring Fever Wins Best Screenplay at Cannes


Of the four semi-Chinese films that were in competition at Cannes, this was the one I least expected to pick up something. But Cannes was certainly odd this year, with all 20 competition films having directors that had been to Cannes before, and I guess anything could happen when in such a situation. One of Soldier Sortie’s (most popular tv drama in China in the past five years) cast members was in this film, and another cast member had cheered him on in his blog, saying that he was sure the film would take home a prize. I had thought that was stupid to say, but I guess he was right. It’s too bad that Ang Lee didn’t win the Palme d’Or for Taking Woodstock because then he would have taken home all the most prestigious film festival awards. Top prize instead went to Austria’s White Ribbon.

Too lazy to post up all the pictures (Shu Qi started looked happy towards the end of the festival!)  but you can check it out at Sina’s Cannes site.

The 62nd Cannes Film Festival Comes to a Close


The Cannes Jury, including Shu Qi. They will announce the winner of the Palme d'Or on Sunday, which I'll update the post with.

The 62nd Cannes Film Festival has four films competing that have directors from the Greater China region, as well as one grand jury member and a short film jury member. There was also one Chinese actress who was supposed to be making one of her first appearances in a film after five years of inactivity, but some hack named Tarantino had to make a cut and his film Inglorious Basterds will be all the lesser for the lack of Maggie Cheung, no matter what excuses he gives. Have a litle foresight before you ask someone of her caliber to cameo next time, jerk.

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