Promo Round-Up: The Best of You in My Mind

Song Yiren and Zhang Yao’s college-themed rom-com, The Best of You in My Mind ( aka The Best of You All Over The World 全世界最好的你), airs today . The original book was originally mostly just above a pair of childhood sweethearts who get together in college, but the adaptation added in an archery sideplot. I’m guessing it was aiming to stream during the Summer Olympics, but missed its mark after the Olympics got moved to next year.

The trailers look cute, but all the other Youku “sports rom-coms” out so far (Plop of Youth, Sweet Tai-Chi, and Skate Into Love ) have been various degrees of disappointing, and Song Yiren has been a hit-or-miss for me, so my hopes aren’t that high. The drama is available with English subs here.

Theme song by VAE and Liu Yuning and playlist of promos here:

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Song Yiren, Zhang Yao’s childhood sweethearts drama releases trailer

I’ve never watched anything with Zhang Yao before, but he’s super cute in the trailer.

If Skate into Love doesn’t satisfy your needs for childhood sweetheart dramas under the guise of competitive sports, you can look forward to The Best of You in My Mind 全世界最好的你. Like Skate into Love, this drama also features the seemingly competitive childhood “besties” that is arguably bullying but with the male being secretly in love with the female. The main difference is that it’s archery instead of ice skating, probably to go with the 2020 Summer Olympics (may it rest in peace).

The trailer was released yesterday, but there’s no news about a release date except for “soon”. Song Yiren and Zhang Yao star in this, and I’m sold on the trailer.

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Air date update, Spring 2020

My pick for March: The Controllers (if it airs it didn’t). Check back for updates on the first of each month.

[Updated for May]

Danger of Her危险的她 – Mar 2
Starring: Ma Qiuzi, Ma Ge
Details: 24 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi

Looks like an adaption of BBC’s Mistresses.

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Song Yiren, Zhang Yao shoot for love in school romance

Song Yiren and Zhang Yao play a best of childhood besties who realize their love for each other set against the backdrop of archery competitions in The Best of You in My Mind 全世界最好的你. The drama is based on web novel Cream Romance 奶油味暗恋 and should stream fairly soon. The drama is directed by Su Haoqi ( Breaking Dawn ) and co-stars Qu Jingjing, Ma Ximo, and Li Zonglin

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