Jing Dong Mini-Photoshoot and Stills From His New Drama

I wasn’t planning on posting on any dramas, but a new “photoshoot” of 33-year old actor Jing Dong was released and it’s not amazing, but it’s probably the first time he’s had one since he graduated Central Academy of Drama a decade ago. So to celebrate, how about a look at an obscure actor and an obscure drama? I need  at least one representative of the many series, popular or not in China, that don’t get posted on outside of China and which I have no time to try to begin covering.

While Jing Dong’s acted extensively on stage, and doing bit parts in series, he’s never hit it big despite having leading man looks, and a rich deep voice.  But recently he’s finally gotten lead roles, such as CCTV’s recent  Te Shu Zheng Duo, but it’ll probably take a while before he actually achieves any fame.

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