Upcoming Chinese Romance Movies of 2010

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In the meantime, here’s a list of modern day romance movies to look forward to in 2010, because these films are covered less than the ancient/wuxia/martial arts films by English-language media and yet, China has completely nose-dived into this genre in the past year.  Cinema goers in China want the choice of  light-hearted entertainment from the cinema, and the Chinese film industry is rapidly accommodating that niche in the market.

Last year, there was only a small selection – this year there’s much much more. With China’s total box office up 44% in 2009, and 1.65 cinema screens added per day, with no signs of slowly down, this should only be one sign to look forward to of the growing diversification of China’s rapidly rising film industry.

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News Roundup 7/25/09 – 8/2/09


Fusion Band

After being inactive for half a year, Fusion will be back with a second album. When asked why the long absence, their company said that they’ve been concentrating on their next album which is reaching the end stages of its production. Now they’ll be starting performances again to warm up for their new release.

This is probably the best music news in this batch, the rest are just sad ones about company matters.

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IMAX Will Co-Produce with Hua Yi Feng Xiaogang’s New Movie


IMAX Corporation CEO Richard L. Gelfond in Shanghai for "Tangshan Earthquake/Hua Yi" Press Conference

IMAX and Hua Yi had a press conference the other day stating that the two companies were going to be co-producing three Chinese IMAX films. The first fo these would be Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake. It  is expected to premiere July 10th 2010 in China, and will be shown in IMAX locations in major cities in North America, as well as the 25-30 IMAX theaters in China.

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Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake


At the press conference for Jia You! Eastern Angels (the female version of My Hero) Wang Zhonglei, the Hua Yi president revealed  the details of director Feng Xiaogang‘s newest film, Tangshan Earthquake.

The Tangshan Earthquake occurred in 1976 and was the most destructive earthquake of the 20th century by death toll, with numbers in the hundreds of thousands, in contrast to the devastating The Sichuan Earthquake with a  death toll around 70,000.

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