Weibo Wednesday: October 1, 2014

Cindy decorating Yuan Hong's hair

袁弘: 和新来的发型师森碟女士交流了一下学辫小辫儿技术哪家好的问题,她表示,自己只是带着彩虹蛋糕来探二姨妈@张歆艺 的班儿,不想讨论太严肃的话题,然后……我趁偷吻未遂……[泪]

Yuan Hong, who’s currently filming Princess Jieyou (解忧公主), had a surprise visit from Cindy last week. Cindy was actually there to see his costar Zhang Xinyi but ended up playing with his hair instead. :P

I talked with Ms. Cindy, the new hair stylist, about which stylist has the best braiding techniques. She said that she only came to visit her second aunt @Zhang Xinyi and bring her a rainbow cake, and she didn’t want to discuss too serious topics, and then… I was unsuccessful in my attempt at a stolen kiss.

A lot more cute pictures at Yuan Hong’s Weibo, and for those who want to see more of Cindy with her dad, she and Tian Liang recently did an adorable outdoors photoshoot.

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Looking forward to Upcoming Chinese films in 2014

Ge You and Jiang Wen as showmasters in the movie, Gone With the Bullets.

Ge You and Jiang Wen as show masters in the upcoming movie, Gone With the Bullets.

The year is almost a quarter over (I know!), but 2014 is a really exciting year for Chinese film and it would be a waste not to take a look at all the great stuff that’s going to be released soon. This year, as some have noted, will be the year of big director comebacks, from Red Cliff’s John Woo to Zhang Yimou and many others. (Thanks to Mookie for everything about this post, I’m just here to spread the word.)

(Also, you’ll soon realize that Huang Xiao Ming does not rest… I believe he has at least 4 films this year alone, excluding dramas!!)

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News round-up


  • Former Marvel CEO, Shanghai Film Group  to create Terracotta super hero.
  • Production set for US-China coproduction The Moon and the Sun starring Fan Bingbing as a mermaid captured to the court of 17th century France.
  • Ann Hui’s The Golden Era releases posters. The bioepic on author Xiao Hong stars Tang Wei, Feng Shaofeng.


  • Yang Mi is three months pregnant with Hawick Lau’s kid.
  • Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng  hold a traditional wedding on Happy Camp
  • Top Combine former member Li Mao joins Huace (New Duke of Mount Deer, Semi-gods and demi-devils) ,  stars with BBFF’s 70 in a self-made film Joker.
  • Lee Jinglei bakes cookies, I wish Wang Leehom was hugging me.

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Photoshoot Friday: Dark

See the rest of Jiang XIn’s photo shoot a few sets below the cut.

Who makes you want to buy jewelry from Bazaar more, Jiang Xin or Angelababy? Jiang Xin has some lovely photos in this set. She, like Tang Wei, is dressed in a somewhat vintage style; others, like Zhang Zilin, Zhang Ziyi, and Jing Tian deck out in long and sweeping dresses. Tong Liya looks like a lady, while Yang Mi wears a few more wedding dresses. Li Fei’er goes for a more sultry look, while the only male Wei Chen looks like a member of the Lost Generation (to me).

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Photoshoot Roundup: Bridal Edition

Following their success in One Night Surprise, Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee provided a little ship tease by posing together for Cosmo Bride. Joining the wedding procession are Zhang Ziyi, Yang Mi, and Tang Wei, each with their own pretty white dresses – who would you steal from? (I have a bias for Qin Lan’s feather gown here.) There’s also Bai Baihe, in a gorgeous Southeast Asian temple, and Zhang Xinyi, who poses with cheongsams with Li Cheng.

On another note, Zhou Xun isn’t the only one returning to television drama. Fan Bingbing’s upcoming drama The Young Girl Wu Zetian is finally prepping up as well.  Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: May 3, 2013

 photo 704_955329_469910_zps101dfe5e.jpg

Isn’t Tong Liya adorable here? The rest of her shoot is more sophisticated and dreamy; look at it below the cut! The actress is currently leading in the television adaption of Aftershock. Meanwhile, Liu Shishi (Desert Melody is still stalled with SARFT, it seems, hooray! unfortunately). Laure Shang tosses in the black-and-white elegance for this round-up, though she’s got competition from Li Qin (the actress is posing for Chic! Elegance, after all!). Li Qin is currently filming new modern idol series The Heiress Returns 千金归来 with Li Yifeng and Li Wei. Zhao Liying‘s drama with Chen Xiao, Female Prime Minister, is finally coming out this weekend; fittingly, she’s smiling very sweetly in this post. Asides from that, Tang Wei is also in this post; no sign of any men, though… Continue reading