M.I.C. Xiaoxin, Jianci, puppy perform Ladybro live!

I guess no one wears the pants in this relationship.

If you want to fanservice right, the least you could do is get rid of the blanket.

Watching Xiaoxin chase an over-hyper Jianci around the stage while carrying a 50 pound dog was totally worth getting up early and sitting through a hour of terrible lives.

M.I.C.‘s  Zhao Yongxin and Tan Jianci  finally performed  their duet Bestie/Ladybro live, this time remixed with Xiaoxin’ solo Super Daddy.  Both songs are written and produced by the ridiculously talented Xiaoxin and arranged by Elemum Chau. Someday, Xiaoxin, I’ll hold my own award ceremony and you’ll get best producer.

Live below, English translation of lyrics, and more photos below the cut.  Let’s be honest, the best part was Bass’ wtf face the entire time.

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M.I.C. members share a bed in new “Bestie” MV


“Ladybro, u got a ladybro.”   Not that ladybro. The kind where you have overnight sleepovers and do each other’s make-up.      M.I.C.‘s Steelo-Z and JC-Tan (XiaoXin and Jianci) redefine ladybro as male BFF’s in their cute new MV.

P.S. A member of M.I.C. will be in Tiny Times the musical. Fans are guessin Jianci because Guo Jingming followed him on Weibo.