Chinese Actors Enjoy Tokyo While at TIFF


The two Chinese Films are in competition at the TIFF are getting extremely favorable feedback, which means heavy coverage from the  Sina website. Their cameras followed two young stars, actor Huang Ming and actress Tong Yao to their trips around Tokyo.

I’ve said before that Huang Ming is one of those actors who I really hoped would get a break because he’s awesome in acting and personality, but I didn’t think it’d be when he was only 23, because right now, for various reasons, most mainland Chinese actors only hit it big when they’re close to age 30.  And it is so gratifying to see someone I’ve been rooting to get famous all of a sudden get so many pictures, coverage, interviews…it’s just rare, and for some other actors I like it will probably never happen. Must savor the moment.

As for Tong Yao, all I know is she looks incredibly similar to Zhang Ziyi, except it’s  rumored her acting is better (They’re both from Central Academy of Drama, but I think Zhang Ziyi entered when she was too young.)

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