“Single Ladies” Come and Take a Look at MIC


The first promotional single from the new album is a remake of Single Ladies by Remady & Manu L ft J-Son. The Chinese, or MIC’s version, is produced by MIC and penned by Yuahan, Yao Yao, and Xiao Xin. Hopefully, with the release of the album, we’ll be seeing more of MIC on talk shows in the upcoming months.

Yao Yao is currently away filming a military drama, even though his first drama still haven’t aired yet. The rest of the members will be busy preparing for the musical (?) “Stealing Stars on a September Day” with Hong Chen. [1]

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Hunan TV’s new program showcases new artists


Who cares if we get eliminated every round? We

One of the biggest criticism of Super Girls was that it lets out singers with little or no training and shoots them to fame. Hunan TV’s new program aims to change that. “jie jie gao sheng/mix-box,” a spin off of the word “going up a step everytime,”is a competition between (somewhat) new artists from different recording companies every week. The show will serve as a platform for companies to showcase its already trained artists.

Jiayou! Little Caterpillar by Japanese-Chinese group Caffe In

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