Jikejunyi sings “Song of the heart”

Picture 4

Is the use of her Yi-background a sign of increasing acceptance or exotification?

The Voice of China’s Jikejunyi released another pretty MV,  A (new) song of the heart,  although there’s still no news of an album.   Apparently she signed under Tian Hao Entertainment (HIT-5, S.P.Y., Kym Jin Sha, Hou Xian), which means we should expect a duet when the album does come out.

Watch the MV below from fountainpark723@YouTube

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Tian Hao Family wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Tian Hao Family recently did a Christmas shot with their artists Hou Xian, HIT-5, Sara and upcoming girlband S.P.Y. Watch S.P.Y. perform their new song here. Hou Xian’s EP “Baby Face” will be released at the end of the month. Listen to the cute song, a la urasiansourceCpop2 below and see the individual Christmas shots under the cut.

P.S. HIT-Studio released new bloopers of the eeMedia New Year MV on their tudou page.
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