Sword(s)man releases photobook

Best-looking comic relief ever?

I think I would die happy if every Chinese drama had this level of crew and  released pretty HQ photos like this.  There’s always lots to criticize about Yu Zheng, but I really love the fact that they did this photobook for the currently airing Swordman starring Wallace Huo, Chen Qiaoen, Han Dong, Yuan Shanshan, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Deng Sha and a lot of other pretty people. More photos of the main lead Wallace Huo here.

Yuan Shanshan is not happy because all of her scenes with Wallace Huo got replaced by Chen Qiao’en


Wallace Huo is handsome and Yu Zheng needs a spellchecker for Sword(s)man

“No, you absolutely cannot add an s after sword…but you can change the font.”

Maybe I do so many posts on this because it’s so easy to make fun of it. As the broadcast date of Sword(s)man, Yu Zheng’s rendition of Jin Yong’s novel Proud Smiling Wanderer, the stills released reveal the upcoming drama as increasingly game-like. After a brief stint involving make up and a mirror, Wallace Huo becomes manly again as Linghu Cong, ranging from silly to hurt to romantically good at playing a zither under extremely video game-like  lightning (here). Between this and all of the gender-bending twists that Yu Zheng has thrown in, we’re in for an amusing (though possibly painful) ride. (more…)