Air date update, Winter 2019/20

[Updated for February]

The Romance of Hua Rong 一夜新娘 – Nov 30
Starring: Zhao Zhaoyi, Yuan Hao
Details: 24 episodes, weekly drama on Mango TV

Sweet rom-com. Pirate x general’s daughter.

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Promo Round-up: Sword Dynasty

Sword Dynasty stars Li Xian as a cultivator who is training to assassinate the king (Liu Yijun). Li Yitong plays the hero’s ‘aunt’ and future love interest. The 34 episode series releases 2 episodes every Friday-Sunday on iQiyi beginning tonight.

Teaser 1, Cast Interview, BTS 1, BTS 2, Teaser 2, Heroine’s theme song

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First stills for Li Xian, Li Yitong’s wuxia web drama Sword Dynasty

Fantasy wuxia drama Sword Dynasty 剑王朝 is based on Wuzui’s novel of the same name, and stars Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) as Ding Ning, a commoner with great aspirations and Li Yitong (Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016) as Zhangsun Qianxue, the eldest daughter of a powerful aristocrat.

Animated version: Season 1, Season 2

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