Guo Jingjing back to the pool


Reporter: If diving were a person, how would you describer her?
Guo Jingjing: She is me, and I am her…
The most beautiful moments of diving are the beginning and the ending of a dive. The beginning is like when a painters picks up her brush, contemplating a perfect picture…When you finish, under the water, you’ll know. If you dived well, your whole body will know. Everything is very smooth, comfortable.

-Guo Jingjing on Cosmopolitan

After hesitating about the threat of the Swine flu, the Chinese diving team finally decided to compete in Fort Lauderdale in Florida in the US Grand Prix on May 7-10. Along with them will be Guo Jingjing, who has been on break doing photoshoots such as the above one until now.

sources: CCTV and cosmopolitan