Chinese Indie Releases and News


One of my favorite Taiwanese indie bands 1976 released  their new album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” today. I haven’t listened to it yet, but considering I’m usually the late one on the block with indie news I thought I would seize the moment, in keeping with their theme of, in this fast-paced world of today, emphasizing the moments as we travel through time  rather than trying to reach a particular destination .  You can listen to the 10 tracks from the album here. Buy it at yesasia here.

1976 – 流浪者之路 MV (Their main plug )

More release and concert news below on Milk@Coffee, SuperVC etc.

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Stars Help HOTSPOT celebrate its 2nd Anniversary


Yu Xiaowei getting ambushed with questions about Gao YuanYuan

This was from maybe two weeks ago actually… I just haven’t had time to post it until now. While most news portals’ main attraction at this event was Yu Xiaowei ‘s appearance so they could ask him questions about his relationship with Gao Yuanyuan (which has received even more interest now after Xia Yu and Yuan Quan’s marriage), I just wanted to celebrate HOTSPOT, because despite it only having existed for two years and it only being a biweekly magazine, I’ve already grown to love it in contrast to Vogue or Elle in China.

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SuperVC for Men’s Vogue

I decided to “borrow” this post from more_cmusic@LJ, because it is such a good visual representation of the answer to this frequently asked question by commenter on this site: “Do Chinese indie bands ever go mainstream?”

Well, of course they do, just like in any other place and this example below is as fine as any, especially for those who would rather not read me write paragraphs and paragraphs just to make one point.

Super VC 2008

(only easily available picture at the time)


SuperVC 2009 aka Present Day


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