Music Monday: December 16, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Since most Chinese children begin learning English in elementary school it only makes sense to create an English version of “Where are we going? Dad!” theme song.

(I decided to post video counts so you guys don’t freeze your computer trying scroll before the page fully loads – 12 videos)
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Speak of the devil: Super VC new album to be released

25913-thesupervc-i8sw That awkward time when an indie band looks better than most boybands

Soon after publishing the post on band Super VC, I received an email today informing me that Super VC just announced on their Douban page an upcoming album 8 months in the making. No details announced as yet, just some bones to keep the fans wagging!

The announcement also linked followers to frontman Sun Lingsheng’s Weibo, where he tweeted a poll asking people to vote for the songs in the album that seem the most awesome based purely on song title. In case you’re curious, we’re putting the poll here on Cfensi, with the 12 song track-list. Continue reading

Super VC: China’s Brit-rock sensation


Super VC keeps their indie feel despite going commercial

One of China’s most successful indie acts to emerge in the last decade, four piece indie rock band 果味VC (Super VC) are known for their accessible, modern sound fronted by the comforting vocals of Sun Lingsheng.

For me, Super VC was one of the first Chinese bands I learnt of, with Elegy in C being my favourite song from them. I find their first two albums much more endearing, perhaps because their move towards a more pop-rock mainstream sound takes away some of their flair. Great Restoration, I must concede, reflects a marked improvement in production quality, and is overall a good album. I particularly appreciate the dystopian feel in 1978. Hopefully what they have in store will only get better.

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Super VC Comes back with new CD in December


It’s been a while since I talked about music that wasn’t boybands, vocal groups, whatever you’d like to call them so when I saw this article I grabbed at the chance to translate even though Super VC is not one of my favorite Chinese indie rock bands. But they are getting quite popular in China’s rock scene, and were at the Modern Sky Music Festival earlier this fall along with some of the bigger players. They have a pleasing, soothing sound and this major release two years in the making, with 7 MVs (can they really be called indie anymore?) will no doubt please their fans.

Article about the release, MVs and more Beatles-like pictures below.

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