Why the heck is there so much Chinese Entertainment news?

I gave up trying to translate all of the articles one by one and instead decided to stock compile. This way you get a lot of news but maybe not all the detail. Comment if you’d rather me take more time or one or two articles rather than doing something like this. I think I have enough news to do one or two more of these posts actually right now.

1. Idol singer Li Yifeng is still alive and kicking (I thought he wasn’t, the active part I mean, not the alive or dead part). As part of his promotion for his first release, his EP Ferris Wheel, he sang and met with fans in Chengdu, played games in Fu Zhou with them and now supposedly in Beijing according to Baidu.

More below on JJ Lin in Chengdu, Super Typhoon’s box office, Mei Lan Fang, and gymnasts superstars Yang Yun and Yang Wei pre-wedding pics.
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