Wei Chen’s “Struggle”


Wei Chen, one of the new F4, recently returned to act in the play version of the biggest mainland drama of 2006, “Fen Dou/Struggle.” after leaving for a while to film “Le Huo Nan Hai” amongst his many various activities. He also sings the just released theme song,” Feng Ren Yuan/Lunatic’s wish,” for the play, composed by good friend and fellow Super Boy Lu Hu.

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New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. Continue reading

Laure Shang – Cpop’s French connection

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Super Girl winner Laure Shang Wenjie is going back to her French roots this month with her translated novel of La Petit Fille de Monsieur Linh and a French song that she wrote the lyrics for. Laure will also hold her own symphonic concert on January 9th in Shanghai.

A La Claire Fontaine, showcasing her gorgeous voice in French and Chinese:

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Jane Zhang unveils new songs at Beijing Concert


Accompanied by a group of all-American singers and two wigs, Jane Zhang, the dolphin princess of China and the mainland singer with the most Youtube views, held her first of a series of concerts in Beijing on the 6th. In addition to singing classics like Painted Heart, she also sang, for the first time, new songs from her upcoming album.

Children’s Eyes, one of her new songs:

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EE Media Family MV to kick off the New Year!

Edited #2 A second huge picture of Top Combine (Click for bigger). I’m officially jealous now. Wang Yuexin, Yu Haoming etc didn’t get such nice pictures.


Not only are there like a gazillion boybands in China now, but there are group company MVs! EE Media, the company behind the Supergirls, Superboys and anything affiliated with that, including Top Combine is having its own New Years MV with all of its singers (except Guo Jingming who most recently signed)

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Jane Zhang Promotional Photos for Concert Revealed

She looks almost scarily like Mariah Carey in these pics.

Mainland’s pop diva Jane Zhang Liangying will be holding concerts in December, on the 6th in Beijing and the 12th in Shanghai. Her previous concerts sold at the highest ticket prices anyone ever had in China. She will be singing new songs, including those she sang for television and movies themes. I think by now she has enough of those to make an entire album out of them. The pics are also underneath a cut because I’ve realized if I have a gallery, none of the pics show up in full size. Can someone tell me how to fix that?

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