Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, 10 years of Super Girls/Boys reunite


“Eight years, we’ve grown up, have you?”- Li Yuchun

Celebrating 10 years of the Super Girls/Boys franchise, Hunan TV’s finale of the 2013 Super Boys was a tearjerker on all sides as old contestants reunite and remeet.  Some of the most touching moments include Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang’s hug on stage, He Jiong and Wang Han talking about their ten years of hosting the show, and a group song by past Super Boys/Girls. 

Li Yuchun: “Two things. First thing, we love you, Bai Jugang. Second thing, on this stage, I still think the person standing next to her should be me. No offense. Everyone in the audience, in front of the TV, it’s been eight years. Me and my little fellow grew up, what about you? We started from here, and have been following our dreams since 2005. Are you still pursuing your dreams? Jiayou!”

Zhou Bichang: Let youth continue to burn!

Super Girls and Boys sing theme song, how many do you recognize?

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Weibo Wednesday: May 1-May 8

黑人建州: 感謝妳包容我的一切,兩週年結婚快樂喔!love u 4 ever

Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Weiqi celebrated their second wedding anniversary on May 7th! Congratulations to the happy couple, who were playing around with paint earlier in the week.

Thank you for being forgiving of everything. Happy two-year wedding anniversary! love u 4 ever

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Super Girls releasing new songs

Super Girls 2009 iBubble commercial

Going backwards from 2009, the the first 2009 Super Girl to release a MV was top 60 Luo Zhenhuan for her new EP. Zeng Yike will be the first to release her new album. See her album cover (with a sheep!) here. Meanwhile, Jiang Yingrong sings the new theme for Maybelline. You can hear the recorded version here, or you can watch the much superior live version:

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Super Girls after Zeng Yike; a summary

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

Super Girls is the epitome of a suspenseful reality TV show. After the eventful leaving of Zeng Yike, Li Yuanxi and Pan Hongyue, Pan Chen and Tan Lina soon joined them. Liu Xijun leaving was a huge surprise, but perhaps not as much as Zeng Yike or Pan Hongyue leaving. She was soon followed by Yu Kewei, leaving Huang Ying, Li Xiaoyun and Jiang Yingrong to vie for the 3 spots next week. A few of my favorite performances since the 10to7:

Wei Chen ft Yu Kewei singing their love’s duet

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The little match girl of Super Girls

wang zhixin

Who will light my sticks of hope?

A car accident made her an orphan at the age of ten.
A pile of family debt forced her to leave school when she was fifteen.
Five years later, a competition that brought her story to light.
This is her story, as told by Harbin TV News.
Meet Wang Zhixin, the Little Match Girl of super girls

Walking in the chilling, snowing night sky, a stick of match warms my dreams. Every step of frozenness, every step of loneliness, the coldness of people numbs my hands.

When the heavenly, almost ethereal sound was softly enounced from the mouths of a seemingly average girl, when it filled the 600 square meter room of the GBS auditorium, below the stage, the hundreds of audiences were silent.

On the night of June 14th, Wang Zhixin, a petite girl with a headfull of stubborn short hair, stood on the stage of the 2009 Super Girls, playing her guitar and lost in her own world.

Matches Heaven

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Build-a-girlband à la Super Girls

super girls top18

Welcome to the build-a-girlband workshop! Create your very own Girl Band and other related artists at the Build-a-Girlband Workshop! You can choose and group your new Super Girl...

EE-Media has stated that through this year’s Super Girls, they were going to create a “female version of Top Combine.” And since only three of the people I mentioned last time were in the top 18 (further proving that eeMedia CEO Long Danni and I do not have the same taste in artists), and all of the top 18 are already signed with eeMedia, I decided to do another post. On the other hand, not being in the top 18 doesn’t mean not being in the girlband. Only 2 members of Top Combine were in the top anything, and Hunan TV/eeMedia has said that they will invite selected eliminated Super Girls to go on Yi Hu Bai Ying to select more girlband members.

To keep with the female Top Combine comparison, I’ve even organized them into groups for you.

Wang Zhixin’s self composition – one night

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Best and most of Super Girls 300

Super Girls

This year's Super Girls are definitely pretty, but can they sing?

A brief overview of the top 300 of this year’s Super Girls. Note that I haven’t watched every competitions, or even half of it. I watched most of Chengdu, Changsha and online. The rest are viewed only if someone on baidu tieba recommended them. And though there are a lot more good singers, I’ve only picked some that really stood out to me. All opinions are mine.

Best English singers: Yu Kewei and Pan Hongyue

I really love what judge Wu Qixian said about the two of them:

Right now, among those who can sing Western songs so beautifully, but still maintains the identity of Chinese, one is Qi Yu, and the other one is Yu Kewei. Pan Hongyue, you have even more techniques and things to show off than Yu Kewei. Unfortunately, when you sing Western songs, you become no longer Chinese but a foreigner. We can only see an imitation, not a Chinese who can understand the essence of Western music and culture. That’s the difference between Yu Kewei and you. Many may be wowed by your glamour today, but what we really seek is the uniquely Chinese way of expressing our values,spirit and culture, and you need more careful thought on that. I hope you can grow, and understand how much we expect of you.

Yu Kewei singing “Gloomy Sunday:”

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Beauty, Voice or Personality?


Conquering the world with beauty isn't easy when you look like you're made of glass

That’s the choice that millions of competitors and viewers have or will have to make this summer as the three talent shows battle it out. A look at what each one offers:

Conquer the world with beauty
Despite having the shallowest slogan of them all, SMG’s female “My Hero”, Jiayou! Dong Fang Tian Shi, or as we’re going to translate it, Jiayou! Dragon Angels,  has a quite deep, if not solid, backing. First up is the big fish – Huayi Brothers. Being a mainly film and drama producer, it makes sense that Huayi would want to go for the lookers over the voices. The Dragon Angels have been promised spots in Disney, SMG and Huayi’s High School Musical and possible spots in Feng Xiaogang movies. And then there are two starring roles in Hai Yan dramas.  If the Angels prefered flying over acting (who wouldn’t want to act opposite BOBO?), the top 60 are also guaranteed jobs as air attendants on CE-air. However, I do admire the fact that they require all contestant to audition without makeup. After all, SMG wants actresses, not make-up artists. Continue reading

New Yorkers agree that Ugly Wudi is adorable


Lin Xinru adorable both before and after Ugly Wudi

Good Morning America, along with the random New Yorkers that it surveyed, agrees with Cfensi that Ugly Wudi is not that ugly. Click here to watch the report. Of the various news sources that have picked this story up, this I feel is the only one that shows justice to the story. Every other story makes it seem as if the Chinese hate it, when in fact Ugly Wudi was one of the most popular shows last year. Its product placement ads reached the level of Super Girl ads, and that’s beyond impressive. The third season is currently under production. Continue reading

Taiwan Lifts Its Restrictions on Mainland Entertainers


Anson Hu a month ago became an exception to Taiwan's rule that no mainlanders could give solo concerts in he'll be one of the many.

The company that brought Na Ying and Faye Wong to fame is ready to present it’s newest mainland superstar – Huang Yali, an energetic 19-year-old. Taiwanese companies have recently been increasingly signing on mainlanders, from rock bands such as Fusion and AOK to pop stars like Jade Liu. This is probably in light of the fact that after Taiwan’s changed presidents this past year, things have begun changing with respect to Mainland-Taiwan relations, including a suggested lifting of restrictions on mainland artists activities in Taiwan.

This finally became reality recently:
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