Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, 10 years of Super Girls/Boys reunite


“Eight years, we’ve grown up, have you?”- Li Yuchun

Celebrating 10 years of the Super Girls/Boys franchise, Hunan TV’s finale of the 2013 Super Boys was a tearjerker on all sides as old contestants reunite and remeet.  Some of the most touching moments include Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang’s hug on stage, He Jiong and Wang Han talking about their ten years of hosting the show, and a group song by past Super Boys/Girls. 

Li Yuchun: “Two things. First thing, we love you, Bai Jugang. Second thing, on this stage, I still think the person standing next to her should be me. No offense. Everyone in the audience, in front of the TV, it’s been eight years. Me and my little fellow grew up, what about you? We started from here, and have been following our dreams since 2005. Are you still pursuing your dreams? Jiayou!”

Zhou Bichang: Let youth continue to burn!

Super Girls and Boys sing theme song, how many do you recognize?

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2007 Super Boys reunite!


I can’t tell if the tears in my eyes are because of the boys, or that giant logo blocking them.

The 2007 Super Boys, probably the group of Supers with the most brotherhood, reunites once more after over 5 years. Through these 5 years, they’ve survived fires, run away and disappeared, got married, had a kid, and even went to jail. Watch the video below, with either interviews or performances by all of them but Su Xing. I think it’s really warming how almost all of their individual songs were written by themselves or another Super Boy.

Super Girls after Zeng Yike; a summary

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

Super Girls is the epitome of a suspenseful reality TV show. After the eventful leaving of Zeng Yike, Li Yuanxi and Pan Hongyue, Pan Chen and Tan Lina soon joined them. Liu Xijun leaving was a huge surprise, but perhaps not as much as Zeng Yike or Pan Hongyue leaving. She was soon followed by Yu Kewei, leaving Huang Ying, Li Xiaoyun and Jiang Yingrong to vie for the 3 spots next week. A few of my favorite performances since the 10to7:

Wei Chen ft Yu Kewei singing their love’s duet

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Meteor Shower shows off Super Boys’ composings

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

Other than exceeding almost everyone’s expectations in terms of acting, scenery and script, Meteor Shower’s other big plus is its music. The OST also shows off eemedia’s composing talents by featuring at least two (possibly four) insert songs composed by their very own Wei Chen and Lu Hu.

Wei Chen is the co-composer/co-producer of his official insert song – “Replacement lover.” Lu Hu wrote the background vocal, which Wei Chen also sung. He also has another insert song called “Rain Marks” that he composed himself that’s not in the official OST but at a little after 3 minutes in this trailer. Lu Hu composed Zhang Han’s insert song, for which he is also the background vocalist. And if this trailer is an indication of the insert songs in the drama, the song at around 13 minutes is called “that idiot is me.” That song is also composed by Lu Hu, with Wei Chen writing the lyrics.

Wei Chen and Lu Hu aren’t the only Super Boys releasing self-compositions recently. Allen Su Xing also released his present for the 60th birthday of the PRC, named China China:
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Want to be the next Super Girl?


Allen Su - singer, composer, air-guitarist, and Super Girls host?

Ever wanted to become famous, meet hot and talented guys, and get covered by CFensi?

Well, if you’re a girl, here’s your chance. Super Girls 2009 has been officially approved. Get ready for commercials, MV’s and potentially talented singers to begin rolling in.  EE Media CEO Long Danni has stated that through this competition, in addition to singers, they will be also be looking for budding actresses and those that excels in other areas. Some of the Super Boys will also be co-hosts for the regional contests of Super Girls. The finale is scheduled for mid-August. Visit the online sign-up site here.  Anyone interested in trying out? Come on, you can be the next Li Yuchun.

Super Girls commercial #1

Learn more about changes to this year’s Super Girls and see more photos of the Super Boys filming the advertising MV for Super Girls 2009 below the cut.
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Falling in love with the most beautiful sun

If you notice him, you’ll definitely be moved by his voice, you’ll fall in love with him.

– Xie Na

The most beautiful sun – Zhang Jie

From the “servant girl in every movie” to one of the most popular hosts in China, Xie Na’s new book recounts her years of struggle in Beijing. In it, she also tells the story of Zhang Jie, the most controversial Super Boy of 2007, and one with a voice that touched her heart:

The first time Zhang Jie held a concert, I was scared, but as soon as I entered, I felt overwhelmed. The seats were filled, even the aisles were crowed; everything around me was blue. After watching the concert, I was again surprised. When the whole stadium sang “The most beautiful sun” together with him, my eyes were wet.I think he has a musician’s spirit: he loves music and he loves singing more than anything else. You can stop him from doing anything, but you can never stop him from singing.

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Wei Chen’s “Struggle”


Wei Chen, one of the new F4, recently returned to act in the play version of the biggest mainland drama of 2006, “Fen Dou/Struggle.” after leaving for a while to film “Le Huo Nan Hai” amongst his many various activities. He also sings the just released theme song,” Feng Ren Yuan/Lunatic’s wish,” for the play, composed by good friend and fellow Super Boy Lu Hu.

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New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. Continue reading

EE Media Family MV to kick off the New Year!

Edited #2 A second huge picture of Top Combine (Click for bigger). I’m officially jealous now. Wang Yuexin, Yu Haoming etc didn’t get such nice pictures.


Not only are there like a gazillion boybands in China now, but there are group company MVs! EE Media, the company behind the Supergirls, Superboys and anything affiliated with that, including Top Combine is having its own New Years MV with all of its singers (except Guo Jingming who most recently signed)

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Top Combine interviewed Jam Hsiao but could not interview SJ-M


TC: The number of questions we ask you depends on if you pose with our CD Jam Hsiao: Fine by me!

Update: Top Combine will be guest stars on the third episode of Ugly Wudi. I have no idea why they hired Doremi to do their promotional activities, when it’s obvious that Hunan TV is backing them and isn’t going to stop promoting them until they are sucessful. Hit-5 or Seventeen should have been the ones to hire Doremi.

Recently mainland China’s new boyband, Top Combine, was invited to be guests performers at the Southeast Music Awards Ceremony and became Hunan Tv’s special interviewers, interviewing many stars backstage who came to receive an award.

The interviewed Jam Hsiao, actor William, and their good friends Zhang Jie, and Li Yifeng. But they could not interview SJ-M because of difficulties (unstated). After repeatedly asking, they could only give up this opportunity for direct dialogue with SJ-M.

Source. Watch the clip of them interviewing people here (starts at about 6 min in). They’re not very good at it, lol. Oh, and a real, SINA interview with Jam Hsiao here…his interviews are better watched than read though.

Yes, I know…that hiatus barely lasted a day, but uh, this article was very short, yet interesting. Anyway, don’t half of you guys come for Top Combine news? So back to hiatus. Actually expect a couple of more posts since someone else did a translation for me. Then I’m definitely back on hiatus.