Hua Chenyu covers “Poker face”

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What poker face? “Martian” singer Hua Chenyu may not have kept a straight face throughout the entire performance, but he sure made a great show out of it.

Crazy, strange, but weirdly entertaining, the Super boy from Mars’ rendition of “Poker face” definitely wow’ed me and the judges last week.   Hua Chenyu made the song fun and almost goofy. It was so good that even Paula Abdul heard, saying on her weibo “How lucky is our universe to have such a beloved Martian like @华晨宇yu?”

PS the “Yu” in “Hua Chenyu” also means universe.

PPS Speaking of universe, congrats, Voyager 1!

Superboys Musical looking a lot like High School Musical


Update:Hunan TV Will Put On a new season of 快乐男声 aka Superboys next year.

This post has officially become a celebration post

Superboys musical picspam behind the cut. Click and be amazed at the festivity, the wonder, the number of straight(?) guys dancing together, awesome t-shirts and “the girl with braids”. Also, some more information about Hunan’s New Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango.

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