Music Monday: December 16, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Since most Chinese children begin learning English in elementary school it only makes sense to create an English version of “Where are we going? Dad!” theme song.

(I decided to post video counts so you guys don’t freeze your computer trying scroll before the page fully loads – 12 videos)
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N13 Studio combines visuals, music

At a time when most are using the default, eeMedia’s N13 Visual Studio dares to experiment with typography, and writes many of their own fonts.

Despite all their successes, Hunan TV once  lacked the visuals to back them up, resulting in lackluster MV’s and stages for great  talents. The entrance of the N13   Visual Studio, headed by the talented Peng Youlun, has made eeMedia at the frontiers of staging effects and MV qualities in China.   

Among Peng Youlun’s more colorful MV’s, such as Su Miaoling’s Time Portrait below , she tend to use a lot of filters(?) to blur the colors a bit.  Similar techniques are used in Zhang Jie’s First Lady.

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“Why do we sing?” promo by Peng Youlun

Why do we fly?
Because dreams are there
Why do we run?
Because the road is there.
Why do we begin a journey?
Because the destination is there.
Why do we sing?
Because freedom is there.
Why do we burn?
Because life is there.
Why do we sing?
Because freedom is there.
Why do we burn?
Because life is there.
Now or ever. Rock n’ roll, youth.

Another one of my favorite Super boys promos by director Peng Youlun and writer Wu Mengzhi.

Super Boys preserve youth and passion in opening MV

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.58.57 PM

Do you recollect when you begun to grow old?

Not only is the message beautiful and filming  impeccable  for the latest opening for the  2013 Super Boys , but the entrance itself  blends with the opening clip.    eeMedia’s N13 visual workshop has made great use of on-stage black and white this Super Boys before with Poker Face, and uses it again this time to connect the opening clip and the entrance, but now to show the contrast  between the bright red passion of the boys versus the gray world.   Watch it below and translations below the cut.

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Laure Shang lights up dreams in “The Star”

The Star

Do you remember your  childhood  dreams?

As a part of the “Firefly Project” that aims to light up areas unreached by electricity supply, Laure Shang sings of the innocence of childhood her self-composed song of “The Star.”   The song praises the pure and carefree dreams of children, and ends asking the listener to lay in bed once more to look to the stars and remember their truest selves, the child within them that has yet gotten lost in the outside world.  Also listen to the live version with Hua Chenyu here, where he literally lights up.

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Super Boy 2013: Fan, Wei, and Song to Come Back to Stage and Yang Mi is chosen as guest judge!

can you spot the tag-along?

can you spot the tag-along? It’s vampire-hottie Julaiti!

Fan Shiqi, Wei Yining, Song Wei barreled through the competition with flying colors last Saturday, scoring the only three seats on YY’s Revival Competition (which, for those who are unclear what that is, it’s an alternate stage for eliminated Super Boy contestants to compete in order to get revived into the main stage) as finalists. While Fan teams up with Julaiti for a thrilling revisit of boy group EXO’s hit song “History” (personally I enjoyed their cover of EXO’s MAMA more), Wei Yining wins the hearts of Chinese fans with his soulful performances of “Starry Starry Night” from the same-title Taiwanese film and his original piece called “Little Fish”. Finally, Song Wei bursts into the round, making a place on the third and final spot – a surprising, but well deserved 3rd finalist; performing a song called “Runaway Mama”.

Although all three boys will have a showcase performance this Friday on the Super Boy stage for the Top 10 into 6 round, keep in mind that there is only one finalist from YY’s Revival (out of the 3) to compete the main competition for the Top 5+1. Will it be the ever-popular Wei Yining, the fastest-rising-fan-base-hottie Fan Shiqi, or the hardworking-and-rock-n-roll Song Wei?

Yang Mi is this week's chosen V-goddess

Yang Mi is this week’s chosen V-goddess

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Super Boy 2013: Zuo Li Singing to “Miss Fan (Bingbing)”


Zuo Li is already starting to work off the cost of that ring…

Being the media favorite has its upsides and downsides. For one, more people knows your name, but with that comes close scrutiny of your personal life, as Zuo Li have come to learn. His relationship with his girlfriend and Miss Xiong herself have been the focus of much buzz on the internet.

But perhaps the media will turn their attention to another misses in Zuo Li’s life. Fan Bingbing have posted about how much she loved Zuo Li’s version of “Miss Dong“, in fact she brought the right to remake the song from the original composer. Zuo Li was personally invited by Fan Bingbing to sing the remake, which is to be used as a promotional song for Fan Bingbing’s new movie. Listen to it below.

Fan Bingbing will be appearing in this week’s Super Boy, whether she appears as a judge or guest is not yet clear. We’ll have to wait to Friday to find out.

Super Boy 2013 Recap: More People Are Eliminated, the Top 10 Emerges!

Two weeks ago, Yu Tian earns the first spot on the Top 10 after performing One Republic’s “Apologize”. On August 2nd, the second group of Super Boy participants (made up of 10 people), aiming for the only 5 spots left. Let’s see how the boys did:

Yu Tian performs One Republic’s famous tune. The judges gave him an almost-unanimous  PASS but proceeded to tease Yu for choosing the wrong “head judge”.
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Super Boy 2013: Wei Yining’s Original Song Attracts 2 Million Hits in 2 Days

Hm tell me who's cuter, those pandas or me?

Hm tell me what’s cuter, those pandas or my fluffy silver hair which I’ve gelled to perfection?

They say a true man gets himself back up after a fall. Suffering a slight set-back doesn’t seem to deter the popular Super Boy Wei Yining, who has made waves after the judges eliminated him in the Top 66 to 20 advancing round.

Wei Yining, backed by a throng of fans (known as Lime/Qing Ning/青柠), was the reigning champion in last week’s YY Fuhuo (Revival) – which is a stage where all eliminated contestants get a chance to be ‘revived’ based upon a weekly voting process. His latest performance, an original piece called “Little Fish 小鱼“, won him the coveted ‘weekly champion’, which is another step towards his dream of getting into Super Boy’s Top 5+1. The video of the performance garnered over 2 million video hits in 2 days.

With weibo quickly becoming a surefire way to measure popularity in China, Wei’s verified weibo account, among other Super Boy competitors like Fan Shiqi and Yu Menglong, already boast numbers in the 100k and above.

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Music Monday: July 29, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week Yico Zeng (曾轶可) want to tell you about women’s secret, when Fu Xinbo is waiting for your love, just when Xianxi agreed to let go, and Zou Rong thinks the best love is when Xu Haixing is a flower, and Lai Weifeng is bad.

We’ve all been there, either at school or at the mall… how can there be no parking space?
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