Super Boy 2013: Fan, Wei, and Song to Come Back to Stage and Yang Mi is chosen as guest judge!

can you spot the tag-along?

can you spot the tag-along? It’s vampire-hottie Julaiti!

Fan Shiqi, Wei Yining, Song Wei barreled through the competition with flying colors last Saturday, scoring the only three seats on YY’s Revival Competition (which, for those who are unclear what that is, it’s an alternate stage for eliminated Super Boy contestants to compete in order to get revived into the main stage) as finalists. While Fan teams up with Julaiti for a thrilling revisit of boy group EXO’s hit song “History” (personally I enjoyed their cover of EXO’s MAMA more), Wei Yining wins the hearts of Chinese fans with his soulful performances of “Starry Starry Night” from the same-title Taiwanese film and his original piece called “Little Fish”. Finally, Song Wei bursts into the round, making a place on the third and final spot – a surprising, but well deserved 3rd finalist; performing a song called “Runaway Mama”.

Although all three boys will have a showcase performance this Friday on the Super Boy stage for the Top 10 into 6 round, keep in mind that there is only one finalist from YY’s Revival (out of the 3) to compete the main competition for the Top 5+1. Will it be the ever-popular Wei Yining, the fastest-rising-fan-base-hottie Fan Shiqi, or the hardworking-and-rock-n-roll Song Wei?

Yang Mi is this week's chosen V-goddess

Yang Mi is this week’s chosen V-goddess

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Super Boy 2013 Recap: More People Are Eliminated, the Top 10 Emerges!

Two weeks ago, Yu Tian earns the first spot on the Top 10 after performing One Republic’s “Apologize”. On August 2nd, the second group of Super Boy participants (made up of 10 people), aiming for the only 5 spots left. Let’s see how the boys did:

Yu Tian performs One Republic’s famous tune. The judges gave him an almost-unanimous  PASS but proceeded to tease Yu for choosing the wrong “head judge”.
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Super Boy 2013: Wei Yining’s Original Song Attracts 2 Million Hits in 2 Days

Hm tell me who's cuter, those pandas or me?

Hm tell me what’s cuter, those pandas or my fluffy silver hair which I’ve gelled to perfection?

They say a true man gets himself back up after a fall. Suffering a slight set-back doesn’t seem to deter the popular Super Boy Wei Yining, who has made waves after the judges eliminated him in the Top 66 to 20 advancing round.

Wei Yining, backed by a throng of fans (known as Lime/Qing Ning/青柠), was the reigning champion in last week’s YY Fuhuo (Revival) – which is a stage where all eliminated contestants get a chance to be ‘revived’ based upon a weekly voting process. His latest performance, an original piece called “Little Fish 小鱼“, won him the coveted ‘weekly champion’, which is another step towards his dream of getting into Super Boy’s Top 5+1. The video of the performance garnered over 2 million video hits in 2 days.

With weibo quickly becoming a surefire way to measure popularity in China, Wei’s verified weibo account, among other Super Boy competitors like Fan Shiqi and Yu Menglong, already boast numbers in the 100k and above.

Wei Yining performing “Little Fish” in the second round at YY Fuhuo: Continue reading

Super Boy 2013: Second Half of 66 to 20

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

This week we saw the elimination of almost all of the pretty boys, as well as all the “elders”. The most surprising result from this week is the elimination of Wei Yining, who’s vocal isn’t the best but isn’t any less than media’s favorite Zuo Li. I really hope Wei Yining’s popularity will help get him into the Final Top 5 round at the end. The least surprising result is the elimination of Li Xiang’s Han Chengyu, the show producer wouldn’t let one of their own through in case people start saying the show’s fixed.

I still think there should be a serious producer on the judges’ panel, because at the end of the day Super Boy isn’t about finding just a musician or a singer – it’s about finding the next big celebrity in the music industry. Just because you can hold a tune, or can compose, or can dance, or is good looking doesn’t mean you’ll make it. I don’t think people who work in front of the camera can see the celebrity quality as clearly as a producer or other people who work behind the scenes.

There is no real elimination in this year’s Super Boy. Everyone who’ve been eliminated will continue to perform and gain fans through via internet radio and web votes. The person with the most vote at the end will get to PK the Final Top 5 Super Boys. Watch the first night here, and the second night here. Selected performances with comments below. Continue reading

Super Boy 2013: First Half of 66 to 20

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

The rule of this round is suppose to be (for each group) 2 minute performance each, one performer, four challengers, one pass, two elimination. But again, the judges didn’t follow the rules and passes more in some groups, or eliminated more in some groups. (though more should’ve have when to the “to be determined” group) Watch the first night here, and the second night here. Selected performances with comments below. Continue reading

Super Boy 2013: Changsha & Guangzhou Stops

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

So I didn’t have time to keep up with new music releases last week, but I did take time out of my weekend to watch Superboys 2013. Why did I take time out of my study sessions busy party schedule to watch this show you ask? It’s like Laure Shang said in the intro, the alumni from Supergirls/boys make up majority of today’s mainland music scene.

Starting with a simple dream, these young talents went on to become award winning singers, working hard on their dancing skills, crafting beautiful compositions (I’m not only talking about Lu Hu or Ma Xueyang), trying their hands in acting, and opening their own production studios. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to witness and support their struggles and growths from the beginning. You can watch Changsha and Guangzhou episodes on HNTV’s official youtube channel. Go below the cut for highlight performances. Continue reading