Tang Yan, Ying’er join the tomb-raiding party

How does this compare to her cosplaying a Tomb Raider back in 2011?

Somebody’s been watching too much  X-Agents.

The second set of the tomb-raiding series The Lost Tomb released its stills with female additions Tang Yan, Ying’er, Sun Yaoqi, etc. They’ll be joining a growing group of actors playing tomb-raiders. This will be Tang Yan’s second drama with Li Yifeng since upcoming series The Legend of Fragrance.

In addition, news just came out that another team featuring Huang Ming and Su Qing  are simultaneously filming the story of the tomb set in the Warring States (?)  era.

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The Legend of the Last Emperor releases new stills

How could that woman on the left wear peach?!?  Don’t you know it’s red day?!?  Now you can’t sit with us at the lunch table!!

Stills have been released for The Legend of the Last Emperor starring Winston Chao, Yu Shaoqun,Jiang Linjing,Sun Yaoqi, Law Kar-ying, Kara Hui, etc.

The Legend of the Last Emperor follows the story of the last emperor of the Aisin Gioro clan, Puyi, through the fall of the Qing dynasty, as a puppet figure in Japanese occupied Manchukuo, his capture by the Soviet Union, his return to China as a war criminal, and finally after his status was restored to that of a regular citizen.

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