Zhu Yilong by Sun Jun

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a exciting new shoot from photographer Sun Jun,

Zhu Yilong fits perfectly in this Republican-era scholar and aviator in this new photoshoot. I love the use of shadows and light to create an aged look in this photoshoot for Zhu Yilong. The set comes with a set of Sun Jun’s classic gongbi paintings.


Sun Jun photographs Fan Bingbing to promote Lady of the Dynasty

You can believe Yang Guifei was one of the Four Great Beauties of China now.

Sun Jun is probably my favorite photographer at this point. Fan Bingbing is stunning in these new promos for Lady of the Dynasty (I also love the pipa posters).   To be honest, I’ve wanted to watch this movie ever since Fan Bingbing announced her arrival on Weibo with that gorgeous picture of her on a horse (yup, in 2013). Lady of the Dynasty will hit the silver screen on July 30.  (more…)